Every Knee Shall Bow & Every Tongue Confess…wait a minute…

I am fully aware that what I am about to say will draw the ire of many evangelical folk all around my country, but I am going to say it anyway.  Recently, professional football player Tim Tebow has trademarked his practice of kneeling in honor of the Lord when on the football field.  While I am sure he has plenty of reasons that, to him, sound logical and good, here is the simple fact:  For centuries followers of Jesus Christ have bowed their knees in reverence to their Master.  But now…we other believers can’t?  With the trademark now in place, if I bow my knee to Jesus Christ without express written permission from Tim Tebow I can be sued in a court of law.  I find this to be absolutely shocking!

Tim Tebow started doing this ancient and traditional gesture out of honor to the God that gave Him life.  Now, Tebow seems to be of the mind that this is his gesture alone.  Of course, I understand that we “everyday believers” are not the folk Mr. Tebow is trying to protect “his” gesture from, but rather the critics and those who would disparage and dishonor the Lord through sarcastic & insulting imitations.  And while I understand the desire to protect the omnipotent, all-powerful Lord  from those who would mock Him, is enacting a public and legal proclamation that only he, Tim Tebow, may bow the knee to Jesus really the way to do that?  I think not!  What of other public figures who might wish to thank God in similar fashion, but are now prohibited?  What of over-zealous law enforcement officers who may indeed try to apply this copyright  to an average citizen they see engaged in a religious activity of which they disapprove?  They now have legal grounds to interrupt and order a cessation of these activities.  And what of myself and millions of others who regularly bow their knee to Christ?  A few weeks ago, we weren’t breaking the law when we did this, but now when we do it (whether seen or unseen) we are breaking U.S. law.

Philippians 2:10-11 says this:

…at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

Thanks, Tim Tebow!  However good your intentions, you just made this illegal.  According to the verse above, who is robbed of the glory due when knees do not bow and tongues do not confess?  God the Father.  While much discussion will surely take place about this copyright (and much mockery I am sure), the biggest tragedy I see here is that a professing believer just went through great lengths to rob God of His glory, all in the name of protecting Him.  I guess I’m not sure anymore of what god Tim Tebow is trying to serve.  The God I read about in Scripture doesn’t need anyone’s protection, I assure you of that!

You can read the news report detailing this trademark by clicking HERE.


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3 Comments on “Every Knee Shall Bow & Every Tongue Confess…wait a minute…”

  1. Sherri Groves Says:

    This is so sad. Perhaps he did have the good at heart to keep critics and mockers from this, but God would take care of them in the end. How can you trademark something that has been done many times previously by so many others? So sad for those of us who follow Christ.


  2. The Master's Slave Says:

    Reblogged this on The Master's Slave.


  3. The Master's Slave Says:

    Oh my *&$!!*…sorry for that, it’s the mix of Canadian and Scotsman coming out in me. Nothing irks me more than these so called Christians who make a disgrace of Christ by doing foolish things like this! It feels almost like we have to apologize every day for these doorknobs.

    Soon, Rick Warren will copy-write prayer…
    Maybe Creflo Dollar will copy-rite positive confession?

    Ugh…my stomach doesn’t feel that good right now.


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