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How Can it Be?!??

October 29, 2012


In the last three decades we have seen an incredible growth of seeker-friendly churches who, above all else, strive to be relevant to their culture.  These churches will do anything (and I do mean anything) to try to blend in and compete with the secular entertainment driven world around them.  They are led by well […]

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ChurchSalt Book Give-Away: “The Gospel’s Power & Message” by Paul Washer

October 25, 2012


UPDATE:  We have a winner!  Mindy in the comment #7  position won the drawing!!  I will be sending her an email to arrange shipment.  Thanks to all who took the time to enter.  Keep an eye on this site, as I hope to give away more books and prizes in the future! Paul Washer has […]

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Spotlight On… eSword!

October 23, 2012


Regular readers know that from time to time I like to point out various ministries and/or resources that offer services beneficial to the believer or are worthy of support.  Today, I would like to point the reader to e-Sword, which is both beneficial and worthy of support!  e-Sword is an electronic Bible, commentary and study […]

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Every Knee Shall Bow & Every Tongue Confess…wait a minute…

October 21, 2012


I am fully aware that what I am about to say will draw the ire of many evangelical folk all around my country, but I am going to say it anyway.  Recently, professional football player Tim Tebow has trademarked his practice of kneeling in honor of the Lord when on the football field.  While I […]

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