Jackie Hill with Some Harsh Truths

September 2, 2012

American Church, Apostasy

This video has been making the rounds for good reason.

If you haven’t watched it yet, you should.

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5 Comments on “Jackie Hill with Some Harsh Truths”

  1. Jeff Tyler Says:

    Excuse me, but isn’t the SAME Jackie Hill who has a ministry, a ministry that her listed as a minister….the same Jackie Hill who has a radio program. The same message could have been applied to the entire church without the black overtones WHICH target a certain group of people. If you target a certain group of people, you automatically isolate another group, this my friend is a racist. The CHURCH has no color that can and will cause division. Thank you.


    • ChurchSalt Says:

      The Church has no color? Really? God made people of different color intentionally. To say the Church has no color is wrong. The truth is, the Church is made up of those redeemed with all skin colors, and we should celebrate and admire the diversity our Creator exercised when He made us this way! Racism is a hatred or dislike based on skin color, not the simple admittance that there is skin color. I am white and in the church. I have black and asian brothers in the church, and I for one think it’s pretty great that we are all so different yet united under one savior! In the video, she was addressing a black audience and was using a subject sensitive to them because of their common heritage, while making some of the same points Paul does in Romans. Different groups have different heritages and worldviews, and so must be addressed with truth within their spheres. I see no problem whatsoever.

      BTW, I just Googled Jackie Hill and didn’t find her to be listed as a minister anywhere, including on her website (which is about her poetry and evangelism). I’m still not seeing a problem with a black woman reciting a poem for the glory of God while not ignoring that both she and her audience are black.
      I guess we disagree.


  2. ingrid lindmark Says:

    The Church family does need some real harsh truths . Too many feel good sermons out


  3. Jeff Tyler Says:

    Only if you are black. First of all, found a lot of Hill’s statements reference slavery. From the manner from which she is speaking, there are racial overtones and even racist slurs which are offensive. Secondly, a female should not be teaching men. Bad decision if you want to point the church towards someone like this.


    • ChurchSalt Says:

      Hey Jeff,
      I understand both your points, but I guess I would disagree. If this recital is wrong for a woman, then I guess all poetry is wrong for women (because all poetry has a message of some sort). Wouldn’t this mean that songs are also off limits for women, as they have messages too? I think it is pretty clear that the Biblical mandate against women teachers is that women aren’t to hold a teaching office over men. Songs, poetry and the arts could hardly be pulled into that category. If she did this from the pulpit every Sunday, I would agree with you. But simply reciting a poem?
      On the slavery issue, those weren’t just overtones! Those were straight-up comparisons of the slavery that the black community abhors (for good reason) with the slavery brought about by greed, false doctrine and sin. I thought the comparison was spot-on. The Apostle Paul clearly teaches that those who embrace sin are a slave to it, and this is exactly what Ms. Hill was trying to point out. The false, me-focused message of the greater black church is sinful idolatry, and because they embrace it, they are slaves while claiming to be free.
      Thanks for stopping in and taking the time to comment!


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