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Are you a “Positive Christian”?

September 27, 2012


“Adherents of ‘Positive Christianity’ argued that traditional Christianity emphasized the passive rather than the active aspects of Christ’s life, stressing his miraculous birth, his suffering, his sacrifice on the cross and other-worldly redemption. They wanted to replace this doctrine with a “positive” emphasis on Christ as an active preacher, organizer and fighter who opposed the […]

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New Sermon – The False Convert

September 17, 2012


Matthew 7:21-23 isn’t usually framed and put on the wall above the couch, and for obvious reasons… it’s a bit disturbing!  Jesus made it extremely clear that many, many people who believe themselves to be saved are deceived and headed for eternal damnation.  Each and every one of us believes this passage must be referring […]

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A Lost Teaching about True Salvation

September 13, 2012


Are you a Christian?  Do you have 7 minutes to spare?  Watch this video…

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Toby Mac’s Music – Got an ‘Eye on It’?

September 10, 2012


I recently saw that Christian singer “Toby Mac” has released a single that has made it all the way to the #1 spot in the secular charts with the song “Eye On It”.  Naturally, that made me curious as to what a Christian singer might be singing about that would resonate so well with the […]

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Knowledge of Truth drives Truth in Worship

September 9, 2012


“The knowledge of God consists not in frigid speculation, but carries worship along with it.” – John Calvin Do you diligently study the Scriptures so as to know the truth of our Lord?  Do you dive into the divisive issues such as election, limited atonement and the like in an effort to fully comprehend the […]

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Can YOU obey enough to be saved?

September 4, 2012


Wow!  Saw this sign this morning and just had to take a pic!  I always hear Roman Catholic apologists saying that they don’t believe salvation comes through obedience, but I think this sign clearly illustrates otherwise.  In the real-world practice of their religion, salvation through obedience and good works is exactly what is being preached.  The idea that […]

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Jackie Hill with Some Harsh Truths

September 2, 2012


This video has been making the rounds for good reason. If you haven’t watched it yet, you should.

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