Dangerous Places – 4

 If you are professing to be a Christian yet the sin in your life doesn’t bring you great grief, you are in an extremely dangerous place!

 When a man of God sins, two hearts get broken. The heart of God and the heart of the man.  If this is not the case with you, I question whether you are a man of God and whether Jesus Christ has yet become your God and Redeemer.

I have heard Ephraim grieving,
‘You have disciplined me, and I was disciplined,
    like an untrained calf;
bring me back that I may be restored,
    for you are the Lord my God.
For after I had turned away, I relented,
    and after I was instructed, I struck my thigh;
I was ashamed, and I was confounded,
    because I bore the disgrace of my youth.’

Is Ephraim my dear son?
     Is he my darling child?
For as often as I speak against him,
    I do remember him still.
Therefore my heart yearns for him;
    I will surely have mercy on him,
declares the Lord.   – Jeremiah 31:17-20

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2 Comments on “Dangerous Places – 4”

  1. dmattice Says:

    and yet, how can i live my life completely free from sin? trying to do so is living by works, and none of my works are worth anything. only Christ’s work on the cross means anything. i have to completely put my trust in Him to complete His good works in me, as He has started. i don’t remember to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the sins in my heart to confess them, but this fault does not take away the assurance that I am saved by His grace alone. all sin is sin. even if i don’t use course language, or drink alcohol, or engage in sexual sins, i still watch tv, don’t clean my house regularly, and seek ways to feel better. and God is faithful, because He doesn’t allow me to go for very long before He calls my heart to leave these things behind me. but i still go back, like a dog to vomit. i don’t do drugs, but i drink coffee. God has blessed all things as good for us to enjoy, but i don’t always enjoy them. sometimes i give my money to the poor, but i also spend money on myself for the things i want. i ofte3n complain about my first world problems while people suffer greatly in third world countries. i am not perfect, no one is, only christ, and only through Him will i ever gain perfection. that is my only hope, that He will guide me in the paths of righteousness for His Name’s sake.


    • ChurchSalt Says:

      What a glorious thing it will be to be freed from this “body of death”! We must ever strive to be like our Lord. Not to be saved, but because He saved us, and for all the reasons that go along with that. How patient he is to know all of our rebellious sins before we even did them, and still go to the Cross out of love! It is a patience and devotion I cannot fathom…


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