Slow it Down There, Christian!!

Are you a “skimmer”?  The type of online reader who selectively browses an article or post for the highlights to get the basic thrust of an article, and then quickly moves on?  Stop it!!  I find myself doing the same thing, but it isn’t healthy.  Whether it’s fast, highlight- (you just stopped paying attention, didn’t you?  Already considering whether to click over to another site, huh?  Stop it!!)  Let’s try this again… Whether it’s fast, highlight-oriented reading on electronic devices or speed-reading of conventional books, when we do such things we are often completely missing the point (while claiming we got right to it).  Scripture, novels, thoughtful blog posts and such are written to make you think.  To ponder.  Literature that has depth and meaning can only be read intentionally and with consideration if you want to fully understand it and actually retain and apply the truths they are sharing.  In these modern times, careful and intentional reading is almost painful.  Our brains have been trained to take in short tweets, texts, and 15 second news bursts before moving on to another incoming message.  Often we form instant opinions, and then ferociously cling to those opinions as though we have spent months researching and cultivating them.  This is pathetic.  So I am suggesting to all who read this (and myself) that we all take a deep breath, slow down, and think about the information we ingest. Especially things of an eternal nature! 

I will end this post now, as I am certain many have already read 2 tweets, 3 texts, and have fingers trembling as they prepare to click to yet another site…

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One Comment on “Slow it Down There, Christian!!”

  1. annawood Says:

    Well said. Thank you.


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