According to Roman Catholics, Exactly Who is to Pay for Sin?

So does the Roman Catholic Church still teach that if we donate money, the money will be go towards the payment of sins?  Yes, they do!  This is an old teaching, and the same one that set off the Protestant Reformation.  But if you thought something this heretical and blasphemous was long since abandon, think again!  The video above, as well as the links below make it clear that this incredible teaching is alive and well.  We were created by a Holy God who is just.  In no way will He accept money as payment for sin any more than a just judge would accept money as payment for a heinous crime here in our Earthly courts.  Most Roman Catholics are unaware that this teaching has been revived.

NY Times Link announcing the revived sale of indulgences can be seen HERE

A short article discussing this revived practice can be read HERE

So, what about you?  What are you trusting for your salvation?  A big check made out to Rome?  Good deeds like going to church and being a decent person?  Maybe you are trusting that because you said a prayer at one point and asked Jesus into your heart that you are now in right-standing with the Heavenly court?  Like the Protestant Reformers, let me beg of you to repent of your sins (change your opinion of their nature and severity) and put all faith in the crucified and risen Jesus Christ alone!  Only He can take the penalty handed down by the just judge.

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One Comment on “According to Roman Catholics, Exactly Who is to Pay for Sin?”

  1. seth capps Says:

    Amen. The Roman church if u could call it that is definitely not in touch with scripture by any means. But i agree in essence all false religion is trusting in some thing that we do to pay for (atone) our sins.


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