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Recommended – 2012 True Church Conference

January 22, 2012


SPOTLIGHT ON… The 2012 True Church Conference!  It is rare that I recommend a conference, but this one is an exception.  Be advised: It is not a celebration of superstar speakers, nor is it in a glamorous setting.  In the past years that I have attended, it has been a simple (but professionally run), biblical […]

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More Trouble Signs from Beth Moore

January 18, 2012


I know I will draw ire for pointing this out, but here it goes anyway… It seems as though Beth Moore has recently been promoting the book, “Jesus Calling” on one of her websites.  To me, this is yet one more reason I strongly recommend avoiding all Beth Moore material.  Reading the description of the […]

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New Audio Sermon – A Call to Die

January 17, 2012


This free MP3 sermon examines Matthew 16: 21-25 in an effort to learn exactly what the call to follow Christ means.  It looks into what it means to “pick up our cross”, and why so many people who profess to follow Christ actually don’t follow Him at all (or fail in their efforts).  As part […]

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Image of Tebow found…in Tortilla!!

January 14, 2012


The old saying is being proven true once again – God works in mysterious ways.  A ChurchSalt investigative reporter has learned that the image of Tim Tebow has been spotted in a small East-Texas town, and in a tortilla of all places!  Mr. S of Longview, TX (who wishes to remain anonymous) spotted the image […]

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