Forgetful or Rebellious?

Forgetful or rebellious, that is the question!  It seems more and more of today’s “Christian” leaders are making bold and drastic departures from the examples and teachings laid out in Scripture.  The latest case in point is an article found at Ekklesia regarding the recent actions of one of the clergy from the Church of Scotland.  In an attempt to show tolerance and love, he is going to attend worship ceremonies with both Muslims and Jews (religion, not race) at their places of worship.  Not to sound intolerant or exclusive, but this strikes me as about the most unloving, hateful thing a Christian could ever do!  To condone and grant merit to the practice of idolatry is to deny them the Gospel, which in turn condemns them to an eternity in Hell!  This so-called “respect” for their religion is nothing more than apathy and cruelty.  How can anyone look a Hell-bound idolator in the eye and think “instead of warning them of the wrath to come, I will smile and tell them that out of love and respect, I will worship alongside them as they pray to Satan.”  In 1st Kings 18, did Elijah do such a thing on Mt. Carmel? Did Jesus “worship together and share inter-faith dialogue” with the Pharisees in Matthew 3?  Have passages such as “friendship with the world is enmity with God” (James 4:4) been totally forgotten?  Somehow, I have a hard time believing that these (and many, many more) passages could all be forgotten.  I think we are looking at a case of good-old-fashioned rebellion instead!  How sad that so many of today’s “Christian” leaders are ashamed to deliver the message that they were told to deliver, the message of “repentance and forgiveness of sin in Jesus’ name (see Luke 24).  Please, folks, go show some love to your neighbor today…  preach the Gospel!!

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One Comment on “Forgetful or Rebellious?”

  1. ingrid lindmark Says:

    I am so tired and discusted with these Church leaders stating we should respect and understand
    what each religion stands for.
    For the life of me I can’t understand how anyone can believe this if they are a true follower of
    Jesus Christ.

    It is so sad at the irresponsible teaching coming out of some churches these days.


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