What do you think of ChurchSalt?

As a blogger/evangelist, I can’t help but wonder what you the first-time visitor is thinking right now.  As you scan the articles and links posted here, what is going through your mind?  I am sure there are probably as many different reactions to this website as there are visitors.  Let me tell you my fear.  I am not afraid that you the visitor will disapprove.  I am not afraid of insulting comments or condescending remarks.  What I am afraid of is your casual dismissal.  Not of me, but of the biblical message presented in these posts.  I am painfully aware that many, many visitors will give this site a once-over, and dismiss the teachings as legalistic, fanatical, or irrelevant without ever taking the time to look up the Scriptures mentioned and read them in context for themselves.  In an age of consumerism where we only ingest the teachings we agree with and immediately dismiss anything foreign and uncomfortable, I fear that most visitors to this site will never take the time to read the articles, study the Scriptures, and examine their own faith.  This scares me.  It is frightening to think of somebody staring at the true biblical gospel on a screen mere inches from their face, and never taking the time to read it because they think they already “know all about that stuff.”  You, casual dismissive web-surfer, scare me more than any Halloween mask ever could!  And the fear I feel is for you…

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2 Comments on “What do you think of ChurchSalt?”

  1. ingrid lindmark Says:

    I am so greateful for this Church Salt site. It is a blessing because you write about the truth.
    It really hits home sometimes and I believe more of this teaching should be in the churches
    including mine.

    Thank you for this site.



  2. annawood Says:

    I am grateful that this site exists. I only wish something like this had existed when I was searching for truth many years ago. I didn’t know what I was looking for, I only knew that God was leading me and that the truth I longed for didn’t exist inside of the churches I had been a part of. It took long months of prayer and study of the Word before God led me (though truly He was leading all along) to a deep understanding of truth. I came kicking and screaming into it for, though I wanted to know truth, I was so sure that what I was learning wasn’t it (long years of programming, you understand). Finally, by God’s grace, I saw, I understood and I embraced real truth. This site (as well as Truth 4 Longview) is a true blessing to me and one that I refer to again and again. Keep up the good work.


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