ChurchSalt Challenge… Time Travel!

Many science fiction novels & movie scripts have been written on the subject of time travel.  It is probably what would be called in the entertainment world an “overworked idea”.  But please indulge me for a moment as I try to pen a Christian and Biblical view of the subject.  Time travel is good.  Really good.  So good that it is my strong recommendation that you try it as soon as possible!  But before you put in your “Back to the Future” video & pause it on the Flux Capacitor schematic to begin building the DeLorean, please allow me to explain my true meaning…

We in today’s modern society (if you are reading this via internet then, this applies to you) are saturated with the societal values, culture and views of today.  What is not only acceptable but even mundane today would have been considered offensive as recently as 50-60 years ago.  Consider the uproar when Elvis Presley was first televised.  His hip gyrations were considered to be full of sexual innuendo and were denounced by many.  How tame his performances would be considered now!  Or what about bathing suits?  75 years ago women were apprehensive about showing their calves, and now two-piece bikinis are the norm on beaches, and flimsy ones at that.  We could easily explore the downward spiral of societal values, but that isn’t what this post (challenge, really) is about.  I gave the examples I did in an effort to point out that our everyday lives are saturated with the culture we live in, and often we don’t even realize it.  It would be an eye-opening adventure to shed our current world view, wouldn’t it?  To view things through eyes of another time and culture, one that is more biblically based?  So… would you like such an adventure?  Are you daring enough to venture into what most professing believers would call the “crazy zone”?  Would you like to disengage (to some extent) from your society, and then re-enter it with a fresh perspective.  It’s possible!  It can be done!  It can be achieved through the miracle of time travel!

Here is how you can embark on time travel:


Unplug from all of it. Personally, I would suggest unplugging for a year, but since many will recoil at that thought, unplug for 3 months.  Unplug from anything and everything that is piping modern cultural images and values into your soul, and instead turn to some of the solid and holy influences of times long since past.  Turn off your television.  Most cable and satellite providers have a sabbatical service, so use it.  Tell them you will not be using their services for three months and they will suspend the contract without cancelling it or charging you a fee.  Limit your computer usage.  No social networking, videos, news sites… none of it.  Just basic communication to stay in touch with family and perform job functions.  No concerts, crowded beaches or trips anywhere filled with today’s culture.  Don’t forget to make provision for your daily drive time as well.  Christian music, news channels and talk radio all definitely qualify as culturally saturated media. Get some good audio books of Christian classics (Pilgrim’s Progress would be a great one).  And to take up all your free time (you will have a lot of it now)  begin studying Scripture.  Take time to pray.  A lot of time to pray.  Start reading some of the authors you have heard so much about.  Pick up a few books in the Puritan Paperback series.  Start reading some of the acclaimed works of that prince of preachers, Charles Spurgeon.  Order books written by dead guys who are known to be solid believers and teachers of the Word, men like Jonathan Edwards, William Gurnall, and William Wilberforce.  Why only dead guys?  The goal is to remove yourself from this present day, age and culture in order to submerge yourself in sound Christian teaching from another time and culture.  You need to wipe the modern film from your eyes as much as possible, so as to have clear vision when you return

It is quite likely you will live for 700-800 months.  Is it such a ridiculous thing to take a mere three months to seek out deeper truths of Scripture and draw closer to the God you love?  Would it not be a huge benefit to remove the modern “lenses” through which you are currently viewing the world and get a fresh perspective on the culture in which you live?  A trip through time will profoundly affect you, I guarantee it!  I have taken this trip myself, and in many ways I remained in that distant and foreign land, unwilling to come back.  I used to watch television (not much, maybe an hour a night) but no longer can.  The sensuality of it screams at me with deafening volume!  My ears and eyes did not notice it before, but since my return they register every bit of it.  I am sometimes now shocked by billboard advertisements by the side of the highway, and by the songs I hear on the radio as I flip through (even some of the “christian” ones).  Nobody can completely remove their cultural lenses and preconceived ideas, but it is indeed possible to drastically reduce these things and orient one’s self in a more modest and biblical paradigm.  We can (and should) make every effort to draw closer to our Lord through prayer and the study of Scripture in order to slowly start seeing the World as He sees it.  All these things are possible… through time travel!

I highly encourage you to book your ticket today, and depart tomorrow amidst much prayer and fasting!

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4 Comments on “ChurchSalt Challenge… Time Travel!”

  1. Bob Schoenle Says:

    I can appreciate the thought and reasoning behind this suggestion. However, this is not a good idea since the one doing so would become ignorant of all the many significant things taking place in the world that indicate the ‘Rapture’ is soon to take place. Trying to live in the past, will not prepare you to live in the present or future!


    • ChurchSalt Says:

      Are you suggesting the imminence of Christ’s return diminishes our call to holiness? Nobody should live in the past, but they should indeed view the world (the entire world, not just suspected end-times events) through the eyes of our Lord as much as possible. Sorry, but I see the call to holiness and sanctification (that is what this challenge is really about) as more important than gluing ourselves to secular news sources in some sort of rapture countdown. Truly to focus on end-times is to live in the future, which is just as problematic as living in the past. The entire point of our Lord telling us to watch and be ready is so that when He returns He would find us doing what we are supposed to be doing (living holy lives, preaching repentance and the forgiveness of sins, etc.) I will worry about tomorrow when tomorrow is here. Today I will try to set myself apart for the Lord and preach the Gospel.


  2. The Master's Slave Says:

    Tried the time travel thing…I was almost hanged, tarred and feathered and lynched for being too liberal. The worst part about it was they accused me of being a warlock because I was color blind, left handed and talked about hell all the time…stay in the present, we are way more accepting of luke-warmness and compromise.


    • ChurchSalt Says:

      While you are joking, you have hit on truth. The believers and reformers of yesteryear would probably view our lives and question our salvation because of the sensuality in our lives that we probably don’t even notice! May God open our eyes and bring both conviction and strength!


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