Logically…. Lisa!

Once upon a time, back when I was a single man, I was invited to a party.  I went to the party with the hopes that maybe, just maybe, I would meet that “someone special.”  When I walked into the host’s house (a very large and beautiful place), I was immediately impressed by how many young ladies were present.  I lost no time in trying to meet some of them.  When I introduced myself to the first young lady, I got a bit of a shock, “Hi, I’m Tina!” she said, “I’m glad you are here!  Just so you know, I am much prettier than Lisa.  In fact, there is no comparison!”  Obviously, I was troubled by this odd statement, so I excused myself to another room where I tried again by introducing myself to a beautiful girl standing off by herself.  After greeting me with a big smile and a cheerful “Hello”, this girl too began to act strange, “I am glad you have approached me, sir” she began, “now allow me to tell you how all these girls are actually Lisa.  Some of us go by another name, but we are all Lisa.  You must trust me on this…” At this point, I began to get nervous.  “This girl is as crazy as the first!  Surely there are some sane women here tonight who are capable of holding a conversation without discussing Lisa (whoever she may be).  I made up my mind then and there that I would press on with this social function, and meet as many crazy girls as I had to in order to meet someone sane.  But as I did, they all kept bringing up Lisa.  So, logically, one  question grew and grew in my mind, “Who is Lisa?

By the time the evening was drawing to an end, I had heard it all!  “Lisa is no fun, I am a fun girl” said one young lady.  “Lisa doesn’t even exist, did you know that?  I challenge you right now to prove to me that Lisa exists!!” said another. “I am Lisa….no, really I am! You believe me… right?  I am Lisa!” ranted one crazed young woman.  Another one informed me that I myself was Lisa, “You are Lisa” she kept reassuring me in a soft, dripping voice, repeating it in the manner of a Hindu mantra (this one scared me a little).  The entire evening, every girl I met either denounced Lisa, tried imitating Lisa, or used some sort of persuasion tactic to deter me from meeting Lisa.  Finally, I grew tired of looking through the rabble.  There was only one person I was interested in meeting before I left.  The one girl I just had to meet was (of course) the real Lisa!

I submit to you that this crazy sounding situation is the same situation we have in modern-day religion.  Every religion and cultural commentator out there spends an amazing amount of time attacking, imitating, or denouncing Jesus Christ.  There is also an innumerable multitude of churches and religions calling themselves “Christian” that, when compared to what is taught in Scriptures, are definitely anything but Christian.  Kind of makes you wonder, doesn’t it?  Using logic alone, can we not reason that if only one religion were true, would it not be distinctive from the false ones?  Would not false religions strive against it, and even imitate it?  If you were to set out to find that one true religion that differed from all the others, where would you look?   Using logic I know where I would look… I would look in the book that is consistently attacked (the Bible) and I would look at the central figure of that book, who is constantly slandered and imitated (Jesus Christ).  And to learn what it is that set Him apart, I would examine His definitive work, His death on the Cross and subsequent resurrection.  If you do set out on such a quest, it is here that you will find all religions, philosophers and cultures raging against you… they have a hatred for the Cross of Christ and the atonement it provides.  Using logic alone, you must admit that there is something very powerful and unique about Christ’s work on the Cross!!  But do you know why???????

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5 Comments on “Logically…. Lisa!”

  1. Revival and Reformation Says:

    Great uh, story…I think. Right now, I’m kinda creeped out. I hope I don’t run into anyone who’s name is Lisa. I actually could see you going to a party like that, Joe. You always did worry me…Anyway, great illustration and yes, everyone fights against the one they try to imitate. It’s a little weird how many religious leaders will claim originality with their thoughts and ideas, and yet fight against the author of those ideas.


    • ChurchSalt Says:

      Discussing “God” is okay with just about anybody, but bring up “Jesus Christ and His work on the Cross” and watch the fireworks roar! It is almost eery how folks react to that one name and that one event!


  2. Erick Reinstedt Says:

    Great “story” and great point. Thanks! It was, for me, wrestling with just who this historical Jesus figure was that convinced me He was who He said He was. That is really the ultimate crux—who is Jesus? Thanks for sharing! God bless you.


    • ChurchSalt Says:

      Hey Erick!
      I have heard it said that all religion are based on philosophy and/or emotion except one… true Christianity! Why? Because Christianity is based on actual historical events. I can’t remember who originally said it, but I think they are probably right!


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