Dangerous Places – 3

Let’s talk about your children.  What have You been teaching them?  Have you been teaching them the laws of God?  Have you as a professing Christian been teaching them daily out of the Scriptures?  Have you been actively teaching them that the “good little boys & girls go to heaven” message is a myth?  Have you taught them why Jesus was on the Cross?  Have you even mentioned repentance?  Have you walked them through 1st John so they can learn the signs of true salvation?  Mom… Dad…What have you been teaching them?

Many professing Christian parents will have dismal answers to these questions, and it makes me scared.  Not for your children… for you!  Your actions always reflect your true beliefs.  If you aren’t concerned with teaching your children the true biblical gospel, it reflects the fact that you yourself don’t believe it!  How could anyone who truly believes in sin and the judgement of a just and holy God neglect teaching their children whom they love about the incredible grace and mercy offered through Christ’s sacrifice?  How could anyone truly redeemed sit idly by in hopes that their children are being taught the Words of life and make no effort to teach them on their own?  Simply put, if you aren’t teaching your children… you don’t believe it yourself, regardless of what you claim.  And that is a very dangerous place to be!!

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2 Comments on “Dangerous Places – 3”

  1. dmattice Says:

    okay, i have taught them little by little, and any attempt on my part to exceed what they were willing to hear fell on deaf ears. they are all grown teens and young adults. two tell me they believe, but my oldest, not so. is it really about how often i didn’t teach, or insist on teaching? there is a point where throwing pearls to swine just doesn’t do any good. it is the responsibility of the Holy Spirit to call those whom are His, and my responsibility to live out my faith and keep professing Christ when the opportunity arises. it’s just that my oldest one shuts the “door” so-to-speak. my constant prayer is that God draws him near and saves him, and that is God’s responsibility alone.


    • ChurchSalt Says:

      If you are teaching and your son is throwing it all out, that is between him and God. If you aren’t giving him any teachings to even consider, then I would say there is a huge problem. It is the Christian parents job to teach using speech and example, but only the Holy Spirit can bring conviction.


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