New Site is Running!

The website Truth 4 Longview is officially now up and running!  This is a site where I (along with others) will be contributing  articles and sermons focusing on our hometown of Longview, Texas.  The site will primarily be a tool for sharing the gospel with our co-inhabitants of the so-called “Bible Belt” which means it will be reaching out to many folks who claim christianity but have no real understanding of what Christianity actually is according to Scripture.  Please be in prayer for those the site reaches and also please feel free to browse it yourself and make suggestions.  Much of the start-up content is from past ChurchSalt posts, but new material will be posted soon.

The site will also serve as the on-line contact point for New Life Baptist Church.  Odd, isn’t it?  A church using its’ website to preach law and gospel rather than using it to market itself to folks in an effort to “sell” them on the idea of attendance.  May even more churches get back to delivering the message they were told to deliver and let Christ build his own church using their faithfulness to His glory!!


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3 Comments on “New Site is Running!”

  1. Revival and Reformation Says:

    I’m running out of room on my bookmark toolbar here with all these site. Nice to see you’re expanding your corporation. Look forward to seeing your new stuff.


    • ChurchSalt Says:

      Soon we will build a large glass church and call it the Crystal…. oh, never mind!
      Just trying to carry the message.


      • Revival and Reformation Says:

        Can I be an associate Pastor with a six figure income? I wouldn’t have to move to Texas would I? Being used to all the ice and snow, I’d wilt…


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