Warren and the Reformed Christian

I read this great article today over at World View Weekend regarding Rick Warren and the Reformed Christian faith.  This entire subject reminds me of Luke 16:8

“For the sons of this world are more shrewd in dealing with their own generation than the sons of light”

It is absolutely amazing to me that so many Christians don’t see what is happening here.  It truly astounds and saddens me when I think of it.  Anyway, here is the article, I strongly encourage you to read it in its entirety:

The speed with which the Reformed faith is being infiltrated by Rick Warren and his Purpose-Driven false teachings should surprise even those who have been watching the Purpose Driven tsunami in action in the last decade.

Rick Warren has tweeted reminders to his followers several times in recent weeks about the upcoming, groundbreaking regional Desiring God conference with Dr. John Piper that is being held April 29 and 30 at Saddleback Church. He knows that John Piper is under enormous pressure from those who understand the unbiblical teachings of Rick Warren and who are stunned and dismayed to see Piper  openly embrace a man who has so manipulated and twisted God’s Word.

Rick Warren desires credibility and influence more than anything else, and he has been able to accomplish both over much of the religious landscape in America over the last decade. Some important holdouts have been the celebrity pastors of the Reformed book/conference circuit who were in stated opposition to him for his handling of Scripture and his man-centered, false gospel.

All of that is changing quickly.   Read the rest of the article at the original site by clicking HERE.

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