Criticism of Paul…new find!

March 25, 2011

American Church, Humor

I received an email today pointing me to the Gospel Coalition website where this incredible article (see below) was recently posted.  Great stuff!!

Exclusive: In an exciting example of scholarly cross-collaboration and interdisciplinary research, textual critics and archaeologists have just published a translation of a recently discovered first-century letter, apparently authentic, written to the Apostle Paul himself. Scholars believe it was likely written in the late AD 40s or early 50s. The parchment was remarkably well preserved in a jar buried in a cave on the island of Satiricus. It is surmised that the author of the letter, Parodios, was an elder who had met Paul on one of his missionary journeys.

The translation, published here for the first time, reads as follows:

Parodios, a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, to our brother Paulos.  Grace to you and peace from… Click HERE to go to the Gospel Coalition for the rest of the article.



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2 Comments on “Criticism of Paul…new find!”

  1. ingrid lindmark Says:

    wow this is so exciting. I really think Paul and I would have gotten on great if I was alive at that time in history. There are some that want a fluffy Gospel instead of the real truth.


    • ChurchSalt Says:

      Have you ever watched the Winnie the Pooh movie? Modern preachers remind me of him…. they are all “fluff-n-stuff” so as to offend no-one (which of course means they can’t preach the Cross because it is an offense). There might be a good analogy about Winnie always wanting to dip his hand into the honey pot, too. But I digress…


      Thanks for stopping by!


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