With Rob Bell, does love really win?

Rob Bell has released his latest book, “Love Wins” and I expect it will be one of the more popular books (concerning Christianity) of the year.  The problem is, no matter how hard he tries to camouflage his teachings as being Christian, they are obviously not!  I know this sounds harsh, but if you are thinking of getting this book, or have already read it and aren’t quite sure what to think, I highly encourage you to click HERE.  This is a link over to Fighting for the Faith, where Chris Rosebrough did a terrific biblical analysis of an interview (MP3) where Rob Bell discusses his book and his theology.  I was in absolute amazement as Bell took almost every question, re-defined the words used in the question so he could answer in such a way as to sound like an orthodox Christian. For example, when asked if he is a Universalist, Bell redefines the word “universalist” and the answers “no”.  However, when you take the time to think through his answer, it is obvious that he is indeed a Universalist in every sense of the word!  He redefines almost every single concept of Christianity so as to give answers that sound biblical.  In this interview, his tactics are so blatantly obvious that I truly hope people will wake up to the fact that Bell is not a Christian at all, but is instead trying to influence the church into embracing a smooth-sounding, slick rebellion against God & His Word.  Despite the title, love does not win in this book, or in Bell’s teaching.  Redefining words so as to lie to people about their state before God & allowing them to walk the wide road to Hell while withholding the Gospel is more like apathy or even hate than love.

Again, if you or your friends are considering this book, Please click on the link and listen to the program you find there!!

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15 Comments on “With Rob Bell, does love really win?”

  1. Richard Says:

    To Bob It all sounds wonderful, what Rob says but in reality it’s just tickling the ears of the congregation and leading to hell (Which does exist)
    What could Jesus himself be speaking of when he says, in the most famous of all scriptures. “John 3:16 for God so loved the world that He gave His only Son that whosoever believes will not perish but have everlasting life”.
    Unfortunately Rob Bell would quote this scripture but leave out the “will not perish” part. Lord bless you Bob but you need to read your preachers works and writings to reveal truth or error in the light of Scripture not the other way around.


  2. Revival and Reformation Says:

    Hey Bob, I want to ask YOU some questions based on Scripture, not based on Rob Bell. This is YOU I am talking to.

    1. Did Gandhi go to heaven or hell? Hitler? Jim Jones? John Wayne? On what basis do you find your answer?

    2. What does Christ say and John say about the measure of a Christian? 1 John is a good place to start.

    3. Do YOU believe that the lost will be saved sometime in the future in the here after? Where in Scripture can we find this? Will God’s love eventually save everyone? Scriptural basis, please.

    4. If you died right here and now and stood before God, and He said on what basis should He allow you into heaven, what would you say? Would you hold up Rob Bell’s book? Or would you stand on the authority of the Bible alone?

    Let me know, for your soul’s starting to smell like it’s on fire. Just being honest because I care.


  3. bob Says:

    gosh so now i am a wretch and i am going to Hell….. no wonder i can’t follow this line of thinking…

    peace to you… my path lies on a much more hopeful road…


    • ChurchSalt Says:

      Yes, you are a wretch! Did you forget about all the greed, lust and lies you have indulged in??? Do you think a Holy God who is a Just Judge will just wink and say “Don’t worry about it” and usher you in with a smile?? You need to be saved and there IS hope!!! But not in denying your guilt and ignoring God’s Word. PLEASE read the Romans passages mentioned. You don’t get it because you are following teachers who get it… and reject it.

      Farewell, Bob. I truly hope you read Scripture for yourself. You are in a very dangerous place.


  4. bob Says:

    well, two questions..

    one, what specific lies did he tell?

    two, why do you think his books, videos, teachings resonate with so many people?



    • ChurchSalt Says:

      Hey Bob,
      Without going back and reviewing the analysis, a couple of blatant lies I recall are as follows:
      There is no Hell – Whereas the Bible is quite clear there is a Hell
      There is a chance (a choice, really) of salvation in the afterlife – Scripture clearly states a man lives one life and is judged
      God’s love over-rides His justice – The fact that the Lord is loving, Holy, and Just is made quite clear in both testaments.

      I am sure I am missing quite a few. If you haven’t followed the link to the MP3 analysis, I would highly suggest you do so. I think Bell’s teaching resonates with people because most people really don’t like the idea that they will be judged for following their own will and passions (sins). Folks want to do what they want to do, and to have someone who claims spiritual authority pronounce a blessing on their rebellion is a soothing salve to their conscience. The Law of God is written in our hearts, and we know when we sin. But the followers of Bell have a regular i.v. drip of spiritual morphine to make the pain of a pricked conscience go away. I would suggest this spiritual drug is every bit as addicting as the physical one. If I wanted to ignore God and follow my idols, Bell would be the kind of guy I would go to so as to feel justified, intellectual, spiritual and free. That’s my take on it.

      Thanks for stopping by!


      • bob Says:

        hmmmm, i have read the book, i don’t recall where he states there is no Hell….

        i really enjoyed reading the book… i think love wins in the end too….

        i think people are drawn to rob bell because he doesn’t judge, doesn’t condemn, sort of like someone we all know… :)-

        anyway, i think what he has to say is beautiful and hopeful… :)-


        • ChurchSalt Says:

          I might be remembering that from the interview or one of his videos. Of course, technically speaking Bell doesn’t deny any biblical doctrines… technically. He takes words, redefines them as something else, and then affirms them so as to sound orthodox. Seeing as how you have read the book, I STRONGLY suggest you follow the link and listen to the analysis given.

          Your statement about people liking him because he doesn’t judge… you do realize who the Bible states DOES judge…right? If you think judging people is ugly, well, you got troubles galore Bob! According to your view, the Lord Jesus who promises judgement should be avoided! And I am sure you view those who warn others of this judgement taught in Scripture as judgmental and unloving as well. The beautiful ones are the ones who lie about what God has said and say, “Peace, peace when there is no peace.” I know Bell enjoys taking Scripture and asking the question “Is that really what God meant?” at every corner, and it appears to me he has successfully made you disbelieve the clearly stated black ink on white paper teachings of Scripture. If you think this kind of teaching and biblical interpretation is hopeful and beautiful, I know of a certain serpent you would really like too…..

          Please, please don’t just dismiss this mp3 teaching (have you even taken the time to listen??) as harsh, unloving & legalistic or this blog as the ranting of some unenlightened fool. According to Scripture, we are born in sin, guilty of sin and headed to Hell. There is a savior who has taken upon Himself God’s wrath, allowing us to be saved through His sacrifice if we repent and believe. How can anything be more beautiful then an all-powerful God humbling Himself to save wretches like us?? Of course, the problem is that if we repent and believe, He becomes our Master and we obey Him, and therein lies the problem…. Bell and His followers hate the ideas of law, sin, justice, judgement and Lordship. Please Bob, listen to the link and afterwards grab an easy-to-read translation like the NLT and read the first 4 chapters of Romans tonight while praying that the real God, the God of the Bible, opens your eyes. Unfortunately for Mr. Bell, there is no second chance after death, no matter how beautiful that might sound to sinful man. But that doesn’t mean you have to follow him to where he is headed!!


  5. Revival and Reformation Says:

    I personally refuse to read that tripe. I make sure that what goes into my head is Scriptural and glorifying to God. Mr. Bell’s book hardly falls into that category. I might as well read a “Gnostic Gospel” book and get it over with.


    • ChurchSalt Says:

      I am thankful there are solid discernment ministries doing great work in defending the faith from people like Bell. Myself, I feel like I need to take a shower after being exposed to his teachings. I struggle with believing that anyone who reads Scripture themselves could follow this man. I can hardly believe it is possible as his rebellion is so incredibly blatant and open.


  6. revivalandreformation Says:

    This guy just gets worse, doesn’t he? Have you seen this video yet?


    It includes a book review of his new book as well.


    • ChurchSalt Says:

      This interviewer is good. He doesn’t accept Bell’s evasive jello-talk, but instead calls him out on his unbiblical beliefs. Why don’t more interviewers these days do this (cut to the heart of issues)?? Interesting stuff. Anyone who is setting out to defend Bell as a Christian has got some serious work to do!!


      • revivalandreformation Says:

        I cannot believe how someone can blatantly say (with a straight face mind you), that he doesn’t believe that anyone outside of the saved will go to hell? The Bible is so very clear on this subject. Repent, confess and believe that Jesus is Lord. Why is that so hard? People like Bell just complicate things in their attempt to simplify…and it’s dragging people to hell under the guise of salvation.


      • bob Says:

        did you read the book?


        • ChurchSalt Says:

          Hi Bob,
          No, I didn’t read the book (nor am I planning on it), but I have read several large excerpts out of it and watched a few interviews with Bell concerning the positions he holds. To be brutally honest, I can only look so far into such teachings before getting frustrated, angry and sickened by the lies that are laid out. I find that my time is a scarce resource these days, and I would much rather invest it in studying Scripture or some sound teachings instead of man-centered doctrines like those of Rob Bell.

          Thanks for stopping by!


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