Is salvation really free?

The message of the freedom of forgiveness has been distorted in this country.  Our salvation is NOT free!  We have sinned before a Holy God and He cannot possibly wink at that sin and ignore justice by freely pardoning the guilty!  Free forgiveness is to imply that God is unjust and unholy.  The truth is that forgiveness is free to us, which is a far different thing than just being free.  If it were truly free no price would have to be paid.  But the truth is, a horrible price had to be paid for the forgiveness that is now being offered to us.  Read Isaiah 52:13 thru the end of 53 to remind yourself of what Jesus Christ went through.  The modern American church’s failure to emphasize (or often even mention) God’s Holiness, His justice, the horrible reality and punishment for sin, and just how the grace now being offered to us (freely) was achieved.  The failure to discuss these things has brought about a casual attitude toward salvation that the Lord must find to be a stench in His nostrils.  The omission of these things is to omit the very character of God and the desperate need for a Savior.   It is no wonder that disobedience and iniquity are rampant in those claiming to be Christians; they have never understood who they are, or the person and work of Jesus Christ.  With these things missing, it is no surprise that those seeking spiritual truth often do not find it in the church.   Click Is Salvation Free? download or listen to a MP3 audio sermon on this often neglected topic.

We actually have a whole bunch of free MP3 audio sermons.  Check out the Free Audio Sermons page before you go!

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