Methods of Growing a Church

January 12, 2011

American Church

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6 Comments on “Methods of Growing a Church”

  1. revivalandreformation Says:

    Do we as Christians fish with a hook or a net?


  2. Delwyn X. Campbell Says:

    As Keith Green sang (borrowing from the Psalms), “Except the LORD builds the house, they labor in vain who try at all, building anything not according to His call.”


  3. Delwyn X. Campbell Says:

    I believe him, and yet, so much has been made about size equalling success that even those who truly want to serve God gravitate to the large churches. ?How do we get teh paradigm to change? It does cost money to maintaina facility, have funds available for benevolence, have a decent sound system so that people can hear what you are saying clearly, have bibles availabel for those who lack them, and keep gas in teh vehicle that you use to pick up those who lack transport. I know this because I did these things, using teh money that I made from my job as a mortgage loan officer to do these things. When I could not work, due to being accepted into a University where I went full-time, the ministry did not remain.

    I know that some have opted for teh house-church concept, and I tried it at one point, but my (then) step-daughter complained about the fact that we no longer had any privacy, so we looked for a building again. There are a lot fo things that might work in China, Iran, or other places where the church is persecuted, but Americans are accustomed to church being sone a certain way, and a few people huddled together in the living room is not the way for most of us.


    • ChurchSalt Says:

      Hey Delwyn,
      I agree that it isn’t always easy. I think the big point is this… When facing the challenges of serving God through the local church, is it OK to disregard Scripture and the Holiness of God in order to bring in more people (thus more money) and thereby solve the problems? Obviously it isn’t. Ultimately, if our sovereign Lord wants a particular church to be sustained, He will provide the means by which it can be sustained. But we the servants can never compromise our Master’s message just so we have more visible success.


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