Seriously…. WAKE UP!!

I know that in the past I have not been shy in addressing the problems I see with Rick Warren’s theology and methods.  I also know that many, many people read my warnings and warnings like mine and shrug them off as some radical blogger who is out of touch with the way God is moving in these modern times.  I beg of you… WAKE UP!!  Below is an article detailing some of the teachings being put forth by Rick Warren as he kicks off a new campaign at Saddleback Church (which means his media machine won’t be far behind in spreading it across the world).  The campaign is focused on physical and mental health, and the doctors he has hired to teach his congregation are experts in meditation, Hindu religious practices, Tantric sex and even Reiki (the channeling of spirits).

Can you seriously afford to blow off warnings like mine any longer?  We are talking about contacting spirits and engaging in sexual practices with the intention of becoming one with “the divine”, all under the name of Christian teaching.  Wake up folks.  Throw out his books, leave his church and quit supporting him financially as this wolf tries to hungrily devour the sheep.  WAKE UP!!

Full article regarding new Saddleback campaign can be found over at the Lighthouse Blog.  Click HERE to visit, and another take on this same apostate campaign by Warren can be found HERE (at Crosstalk blog, and appropriately labeled as “Warren Teams up with Cult Member).

When the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?” – Luke 18:8

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4 Comments on “Seriously…. WAKE UP!!”

  1. Lynne Rae Says:

    What I wonder is this…have many church fellowships been operating on mans power vs GOD? I mean relying on thier abilities for growth, financial, etc…and if that dwindles they look for another man made source. I ask this b/c Rick seems to market how to ‘grow your church.’ As a Believer early on I suspect I personally wittnessed this in that a very small church was trying to grow larger…but it seemed it was not about reaching the lost as much as getting them inside to be peached to (sound teaching however). For example no Street Evangelism…where the lost are abundant, it was always when we get a bigger church like before we’ll do that. My feelings were why not be content if its 10 people (less overhead cost after all…you can meet in homes) just leave it GOD and glorify GOD…encouage one another in the LORD to walk this walk and reach lost if just 1 per year? So I wonder if that is why some pastors are flocking to him…for he is a success in the worlds eyes based on numbers, financial wealth and esp world respect (which they may lack & honestly should desire the least!). Perhaps many of our Pastors…like Americans…have fallen into the success based on our value system vs our identity in Christ alone & is a indicator that they are not really abiding in Jesus Christ as they should? If so…they need much prayer.


    • ChurchSalt Says:

      Hi Lynne,
      I heard of a group of Chinese pastors who visited the United States who made the remark, “It is amazing what American “Christians” can accomplish without God.” I think you hit the nail on the head in regards to the dreams and goals of most modern pastors. They want respect, and that only comes through a bigger congregation and a position of prominence in the community. The Word of God has play-doh for them to twist into whatever they want it to say so as to sound relevant.
      I am a huge believer in church-growth, but true growth means depth, knowledge and relationship of God, not numerals. True growth only occurs where God’s Word is faithfully and accurately preached. Paul’s prophecy, “For a time is coming when people will no longer listen to sound and wholesome teaching. They will follow their own desires and will look for teachers who will tell them whatever their itching ears want to hear.” has been fulfilled, and we are living in that time.
      Thanks for stopping by!


  2. ingrid lindmark Says:

    I agree with you 100% Christians have got to start waking up and realizing all the false teaching
    that is going on. Rick Warren is one of the worst.


    • ChurchSalt Says:

      I can’t help but wonder what the folks over at the Southern Baptist Convention are thinking. He is a poster child for their idea of church growth, so I am sure they are reluctant to chastise him in any way, but how can they possibly let him continue down these paths without formally separating themselves from him? If this goes unaddressed, the SBC will be in serious danger of being viewed in reformed and Baptist circles in the same light as the ELCA is viewed in Lutheran circles. I hope they soon begin to fear God more than man (or declining numbers). It is time for everyone to decide who they are following. “If Baal is God, serve him…”

      Thanks for visiting!


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