ChurchSalt Challenge… Tithing

Before we talk about the latest ChurchSalt challenge and tithing, let’s talk about a word, the word “duolos”.  If you are not familiar with this word, I am sure you are wondering its’ meaning and significance, and how it relates to money.  Allow me to share what I have learned.  The word “Duolos” means “slave”, and it appears well over 100 times in the original language of New Testament.  Not servant, not worker, not helper….slave.  In almost all modern english translations the word has been translated servant or bond-servant.  There were other Greek words with those meanings, but they were not used in the original text, duolos was.  “Duolos” is a slave that is owned.  Complete and total ownership.  A duolos could have no property or money himself, because he himself was owned and so anything he might possess immediately became the property of his owner.  A duolos was not allowed to seek his own happiness or do what he thought best in life’s many choices without being granted flexibility by the owner.  Do you see why this word is now translated “bond-servant”??  Talk about an uncomfortable subject!  Since one could voluntarily enlist ones’ self into this slavery (done for a variety of reasons) translators thought bond-servant best conveyed the meaning.  So while becoming a “duolos” was sometimes done voluntarily, it in no way changes the meaning of the word, which is that of a completely owned slave.  And it is used in reference to believers over 100 times.  So when Paul states in 1 Corinthians 6:19 that, “you are not your own, you were bought with a price”  he means it.  And this lesson is evident throughout the whole New Testament. 

Now that we understand “duolos”, let me ask… How in the world can there be such a thing as a tithe (a tenth going to God) when He already owns every penny we “have” as well as owning us?  The fact is, we are slaves who own nothing and we are assigned the job of stewards.  We have been given the responsibility of properly managing the Masters assets until His return (as many parables would also suggest).  Some of our responsibilities are undoubtedly providing for the family God has “given” us, paying for gas in “our” cars to get to work, caring for our elderly mother, etc.  The real issue regarding the use of money is this:  Are we searching the Scriptures so as to see how our Master would have us use His resources in the manner that He wants them used?  The word “duolos” leaves no room for a teaching that states a tenth belongs to Him, because this automatically means 90% belongs to me!  If the local church you attend is a sound biblical church proclaiming the Gospel and ministering in the way the Master has instructed, then dispersing the Master’s money to them is a given!  Not to mention helping your Christian Brother or Sister in need, using funds toward evangelism, etc.  

So what is the latest ChurchSalt Challenge?  Find any Scripture passage that teaches tithing after the time of our purchase (that being Christ’s death on the Cross).  If you can find something, please leave the Scripture reference on the comment section of this post and I will send you a free prize (probably a good book or study Bible, something along those lines).  As far as I can see, once the purchase (of us) is made, it is all His.  Sorry Dave Ramsey, but learning how to manage my money is unbiblical.  Instead, I need to be learning how to manage His money.  You know, when you think about these things, it’s almost like Jesus meant it when He said in Luke 14:33 that following Him would cost us everything.  But at the same time, does the discarding of this world’s temporary treasure count as a cost when we are being handed life and treasure that is eternal?  I think not…

*Please Note:  Because of how common the concept of giving to God is twisted, mangled, and perverted, I would like to make one thing extremely clear.  I wrote this article for Christians to read and consider how they are to be good stewards for their Master who bought them.  In no way am I suggesting that a change in financial habits or viewpoints will bring about  or retain salvation.  Nor am I suggesting that increased obedience in this area will bring about “higher levels of blessing”. 


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8 Comments on “ChurchSalt Challenge… Tithing”

  1. Leslie Says:

    We are no longer slaves but sons (and daughters). We belong to God because 1) we are God’s creation and 2) God redeemed us from slavery to sin. However, we are not God’s slaves; we are God’s dons and daughters. Full sonship does not mean slavery, it means family. We may now be slaves to righteousness, but that does not mean we are slaves of God. Born again, we are now free as children of God, not children of slavery. See Galatians, chapter 4.


  2. Tony Isaac Says:

    Nice analogy I have to admit. But trust me, these die hard pro-tithers will still not get it. Sigh!


    • revivalandreformation Says:

      Just like my in laws, Tony. I can place all the evidence right there before them and it is as though a fog slowly descends over their eyes and I lose them. They’re there for a few seconds…

      My biggest bone to pick is when these super televangelists will say to their followers, “Support me, send me money and then we’ll pray for you”. Of course, they say it in a nicer, more polished way, but hey, I’m Canadian, what do I know about waxing the elephant?


    • ChurchSalt Says:

      I know of one pastor who preached this once, and when church giving took a massive dip, went back to the old message! Nothing like preaching pragmatism, eh?
      Thanks for stopping in!


  3. revivalandreformation Says:

    Okay, now you got me chuckling. Thank you. How many times have I been in this very same discussion with others and I have challenge them to show me Scripture past the Gospels (which are still Old Covenant) that commands us to tithe…they ALWAYS go to Malachi! Then they go to Deuteronomy and others, then they quote Jesus. I SAID NEW TESTAMENT, NEW COVENANT! Yeesh. They can’t. Why is it that Christians cannot embrace this liberty and freedom? I find it extremely liberating to know that God holds the purse strings in our life and family. He dishes out as He sees fit. My only responsibility is to see that I spend it wisely, and that comes from asking His advice.

    We are told to give as we purpose in our hearts to. This takes the sacrifice portion out and leaves only obedience and sincerity. It’s easy to give as we are ordered, but to give because we want to…well that’s a different story altogether.

    Bless you bro!


    • ChurchSalt Says:

      I guess I am having a really hard time understanding how tithing can be possible after we ourselves were “bought with a price.”
      It will be interesting to see if anyone can find a Biblical argument to support the traditional 10% tithe.


      • revivalandreformation Says:

        I have a hard time with people who get offended when you tell them that God wants you to give out of your love for Him. Why? What’s the problem? He doesn’t want robots, He wants people who love Him with all their hearts and give out of that love. Then these gifts of love will warm His heart. God doesn’t want to force us to give, there’s no love in that.


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