Are you Purpose Driven? Please read…

For you Purpose Driven folks and fans of Rick Warren, please read this post carefully.  The following statements are quotes taken from an author who, after publishing the book from which these quotes were taken, was invited to speak and teach at Warren’s latest conference (Christian Apologetics Conference).

Now I see that God prefers to work through intermediaries–Mary and the saints . . . He wants us to pray through Mary and not only directly.

[Mary] may bring the churches together again and heal the tears in her Son’s visible body on earth, she, the very one who seems to divide Catholics from Protestants. The most distinctive Catholic doctrines, especially those concerning the Eucharist and Mary, may prove to be the most unifying and attracting ones.

Consecrate your life to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. She is the one who will win this war. She is the one (as the Bible says) who triumphs over Satan.

“So what!” you may say, “It wasn’t Warren who said it!”  Don’t you understand?  What Godly Pastor would ever invite an idol worshiper and false teacher to preach lies to his flock?!?  At some level, Warren must either agree with the message, or believe the crowds the message will bring are worth the heresy and blasphemy that will be preached.  Warren has made it abundantly clear that he is happy to agree with anyone of any faith, as long as it sounds religious and brings in a crowd.  Please folks, PLEASE stop letting this false teacher influence you and your family with his books and sermons.  His teachings are always centered on man and mans actions rather than on Christ and Christ’s actions.

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3 Comments on “Are you Purpose Driven? Please read…”

  1. PERCY D'SOUZA Says:

    AT which Christian Apolgetics Conference did Rick Warren speak, give more details Please.


    • ChurchSalt Says:

      Hi Percy,
      Rick Warren did not simply speak at the same conference as some blatant false teachers… he hosted a conference and specifically invited the false teachers. The conference was held at Warren’s church (Saddleback Church) on September. another article about the conference can be found HERE.


  2. revivalandreformation Says:

    …a little bit of leaven, a little spot of mold, a small crack in the dam.


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