Top Posts of 2010

To wrap-up the year, I thought I would list the five most popular ChurchSalt blog posts from this past year.  If you missed them , here is your chance to catch up.  As you browse through them, take note of the one thing they have in common…


#1   Beth Moore, Does She teach the Word?

#2   Emergent Church, Rob Bell and the Nooma videos

#3   Beth Moore’s Blurry Hindsight

#4   Christian Worship Music – the Golden Calf?

#5   Cool video??


So what is the common trait?  They all pertain to modern Christian culture and teachers.  The posts on theology or doctrine got very little attention compared to these.  Can you guess what the posts with the lowest popularity were about?  Evangelism!  You would think that if someone truly believed that without Christ all men are lost, that they would be highly interested in effective ways to deliver the Gospel message of salvation to those whom they love.  But, as the numbers show, that is not the case.  So the question must be asked,… Do those claiming the Christian faith not truly believe it?  Or do they actually have no love for those people that they claim to love?  I do not see it as being possible to truly love someone while withholding the Gospel message, that isn’t love.

So as we go into next year, may I encourage you all in two things:

#1 Examine your beliefs in light of Scripture.  Everybody has doctrine and everybody “does” theology.  Resolve to bring your doctrines into line with our Lord’s doctrine as revealed in His Word.

#2 Evangelize. Begin talking with others in your family, at work and in the public square about Law and Gospel.  If you need training or some good resources, drop me a line and I will point you in the right direction.  If your lifestyle is inconsistent with your beliefs, and so you are unable to evangelize lest you embarrass yourself and the Lord, then you are in trouble.  Take some time to examine yourself and your beliefs.  If you would like to read an article regarding Christian self-examination, click HERE.

Whether you have been here once or a thousand times, I thank you all for visiting this site.  May God use us all to further His name in the coming year!



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3 Comments on “Top Posts of 2010”

  1. revivalandreformation Says:

    I think the beauty (in a manly way, of course) is two rough and tough guys like you and me being able to develop a friendship over thousands of miles, being able to talk about God’s grace and goodness and being able to work together to accomplish our mandate as servants of Christ. One day very soon, my friend, we will get together. You make your famous chili, I’ll make my famous Yorkshire pudding and we’ll sit on your front porch and swap stories and see just who is the man of the Americas…!


  2. revivalandreformation Says:

    God used you and your site to bring me to Biblical repentance and a Scriptural salvation. I thank you for answering the call, being obedient when God compelled you to start this blog and for being such a good friend. Thank you and have a great and prosperous New year, not Creflo Dollar prosperous, but Paul Washer prosperous. 🙂


    • ChurchSalt Says:

      I can explain exactly how unworthy I am of 1) being used by our Lord to do anything 2) Being listed as your friend
      I count both of these things as incredible honors. One of these days, once some of the immediate challenges are over, we really must get together somewhere or another for a donut and cup of tea (maple flavored of course, my Canadian friend)!


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