Christmas Afterthought

I know Christmas is over and we bloggers should be moving on to posts regarding the coming new year, but I guess I am feeling the need to cast one more stone behind me.  My wife and I don’t do the “Santa Claus” thing with our kids and we have recently heard of several local parents that seriously frown on parents like us.  Not just any local parents, but these are Bible carrying, Christ professing, small group attending local parents who feel that for any parent to deny children the story of Santa Claus is to deny them the “spirit of Christmas.”  After thinking about these things, I couldn’t help but notice the trap they are setting for themselves.

These parents are telling their children about two men.  Both are invisible, and both put a high value on belief.  Both of them can see all people and both of them keep of record of good deeds and bad deeds.  Both of them punish bad deeds.  When the children grow older they will come to learn that one of these men is not real, that their parents lied (yes, I used the word “lie” and I will use it again if you like.  Deliberately & knowingly telling someone false information is a lie in every dictionary I own).

With all the similarities in the two men, what will the revelation of the truth behind the Santa lie do to a child’s belief in the what they have heard about the God that actually does exist?  Nothing good, I assure you.  If Mom and Dad lied once…

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2 Comments on “Christmas Afterthought”

  1. bornagain732 Says:



  2. revivalandreformation Says:

    Yet one man gives cool toys and seems to never actually punish for wrongfulness, and the other ALWAYS seems to punish, take away, NEVER actually give you what you really want…guess who will be more attractive in the end? It will lead children as they grow to resent God and love humanistic commercialism.


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