Have You Met The Grey god?

You may think that the Grey god is a facet of modern theology that is found only in the liberal-leaning churches, but I submit to you that this view has crept into almost all modern churches in some form or another, especially in the youth programs.

But I am getting ahead of myself.  Let me first explain what I mean by the expression “a grey God.”  This is the view that God isn’t entrenched and immovable in His views and tolerances.  It is the idea that the Lord doesn’t always see things in black and white, but is tolerant, and embraces the in-between.  The suggested notion that He is in-between black and white on most issues, thus He is “grey”.  In these modern times, tolerance has become elevated not only to being a virtue, but to being the chief virtue above all others.  In fact, our “enlightened” culture is now convinced that the only thing that shouldn’t be tolerated is intolerance!  It’s ironic, but true.

For many, it is easy to fall into this trap when discussing Christianity and religion.  For example, when a topic such as homosexuality, creation, or the exclusivity of salvation through Christ is brought up, many want to “round out the corners” a little.  Instead of boldly proclaiming the true God of the Bible, they introduce a “softer” God.  Why?  Because they want to make the truths presented in God’s Word a little less offensive, a little less pointed.  They feel as the archaic “black and white” God and His “this is right & that is wrong” teachings found in Scripture are just a little too offensive for an “enlightened” society such as the one we now find ourselves.

Folks, let’s be clear.  The God of the bible is patient, but He is not tolerant.  I know of no teachings in Scripture that show the Lord deciding certain sins are semi-okay, or that false teaching is no longer false.  He may exercise patience, He may give extended calls to repentance, but never does He change His mind on what is sin and what is righteousness.  He does not waver on how men must be saved, or what the judgment toward the unrighteous will be on that final day. Simply put, the Lord of Heaven’s Armies is not a tolerant God!  To present Him as such is to preach a false message about a fictitious god.  The final result is that the unbeliever (often a professing believer who in truth is lost) goes away with an even stronger belief in this god they have imagined for themselves, this god who is tolerant of their favorite sins and a casual attitude toward all things holy.  

When discussing God the Father, Jesus Christ, salvation, or religion, the true believer must have a backbone.  The faithful follower must have a sound and biblical understanding as to what sin truly is, and who the holy and perfect God he serves truly is.   The evangelist (for that is what all believers are) must be black and white, with no sign of grey except in those few areas our Lord intentionally left without full explanation.  Was Elijah grey?  How about John the Baptist or Moses?  The more someone is sanctified, set apart from sin as holy unto the Lord, the more they will become black and white, just like their Master.  Great care must be taken to be sure that we are entrenched in the same positions as our black and white God, but once we are, let us never become “grey” to accommodate the comfort of the lost, or to avoid discomfort in a conversation.  Should we be friendly?  Yes.  Generous?  Yes.  Patient?  Yes.  Grey?  Never!

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4 Comments on “Have You Met The Grey god?”

  1. Delwyn X. Campbell Says:

    I recently commented on a discussion regarding transexuals and salvation. The question, what should a person who had an operation, then gets saved, do? There were a few who went the “judge not” route, and others who said that the surgery amounted to an attempt to worship and serve the creature rather than the Creator. I sided with the latter position. We did have some problems over what such a person should do (have reversion surgery, live out their lives according to their changed legal status, become neuter in terms of gender?), but at the end of my thoughts, I concluded that, at the resurrection, we will rise as who we truly are, minus any of the effects of the Fall, whether they be genetic mutations, surgery, emotional/mental issues, whatever. The person who died as a Christian, while resisting temptation to lust after homosexual relationships, would rise without such desires plaguing him/her. The person who died as a Christian, with mental health issues, would have a sound mind, etc.

    What do you think the Scriptures say about these things? I know that there is no text that discusses sex-change surgery, but what principles of Scripture are available to us, that are clear, and not requiring us to read something into the text that teh other side could say is just the result of our cultural bias?


    • ChurchSalt Says:

      Wow! You get into some interesting conversations! Using the Scriptures indicating God is Sovereign and Omniscient (which are plentiful) it is obvious when person is born a particular gender, it is by the will of God. Much like homosexuality, a gender-transforming operation is a rebellion against the Lord’s will, design, and deliberate work (according to Romans chapter 1). When one becomes saved, that means they have come to Christ for mercy and forgiveness in belief of who He is and what He has done. Repentance is a part of true belief, as is submission to Christ’s lordship. To say, “I was created as a man, and became a woman in my rebellion, but I will continue as a woman now that I am saved.” is to continue in rebellion. A continued rebellion against the Lord is not a sign of true belief (see 1st John chapter 2). I am not saying a person must revert back to their original gender to be saved, instead I am saying a person will revert to their original gender if they are saved.
      As far as a surgery to physically revert back, I have no idea as to if that is possible or even healthy, so when I say “revert back” I speak to lifestyle and presentation. The person should live their life as a man whether or not physical restoration is possible. Some people get STD’s or an ungodly tattoo while living in rebellion, and after being saved it becomes an ugly physical reminder of their past mistakes. Like those rebellious mistakes, genital disfigurement may be something that must be tolerated until the person is issued their new body in the resurrection. May God be given ALL the glory (and much of it) if a person so far down the path of deliberate rebellion has truly come to Christ!!! Is there nothing our Lord can’t do??

      As far as Scripture, all passages relating to sovereignty, omniscience, rebellion and sanctification would apply here. At least, that’s how I see it.


  2. ingrid lindmark Says:

    Amen to that, there is absolutely no grey area. I am so sadden at a lot of the teaching that is
    going on now days. Our God is so great why are they trying to bring Him down to our level.


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