Like-Minded Magazine

One Million Tracts is going to begin publishing a magazine written by evangelists, for evangelists. Now, when I say “evangelists” I am not speaking of the television charlatans who preach a false Jesus in an effort to dig into your wallet or lead you into an emotional frenzy. Rather, I am referring to the everyday Christian who shares his/her faith at work, at the mall, the game, and wherever else they may go. I am talking about the kind of person who has been convicted of sin, clings to Christ for forgiveness, and shares Law and Gospel out of love to both Christ and others.

Is this you? Do you take Jesus command to preach the Gospel to others seriously rather than file it in the “jobs for somebody else” category? If so, this magazine might be for you! It will be full of insightful articles, quotes, lessons and practical helps for those who regularly share their faith, all written by people who do the same. The magazine will be available in both electronic PDF format and in traditional print format.  Go over to One Million Tracts and subscribe today!

Click HERE to learn about an electronic PDF subscription

Click HERE to learn about traditional print magazine subscription

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2 Comments on “Like-Minded Magazine”

  1. PERCY D'SOUZA Says:

    Many thanks to the Lord and Bless You richly for all the Good and Bold work that you are doing.
    I am interested in the PDF format as I may not recieve a printed copy of the EVANGELIST.
    If you could send em a printed copy then here is my complete mailing address.
    Percy D’Souza.
    P.O. Box 122045,
    Tel No 04-3368665.


    • ChurchSalt Says:

      Hi Percy, thank you for stopping by. I have forwarded your request and email to my friend Marv at OneMillionTracts, who is the one publishing this magazine, and I expect you will hear from him shortly. There is a cost associated with a subscription, as they are trying to build this magazine from a standstill, but he will send you the details. Myself, I am signing up for a subscription tonight before I go to bed. Thanks again for stopping by!


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