Another look at Rick

November 14, 2010

American Church, False Religion

Todd Friel takes a look at a few of Rick Warren’s teachings in this video, and does a great job at it.  There is no doubt Warren talks smooth and knows how to sound Biblical, but at some point doesn’t his constant contradiction of Scripture begin to raise some flags with the tens of thousands of people who follow him?  Apparently not…



Part 2 of this video can be seen HERE.

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4 Comments on “Another look at Rick”

  1. revivalandreformation Says:

    I just can’t take this guy. He speaks the truth for sure, but he needs to tone down the radio voice. He just hits a nerve with me with his over the top radio jockey charisma that makes it almost impossible to get to the message.


    • ChurchSalt Says:

      Todd Friel gets a lot of listeners doing his “radio guy” persona. As long as he is boldly preaching the truth, I have no problem with him whatsover. I just hope he gets people thinking and they stop following Warren and his smoothly delivered false gospel. Has there been a more destructive wolf in recent times? I doubt it…


      • revivalandreformation Says:

        Totally agree, he does boldly speak the truth and calls out those who practice deception. Would love to see him rake the Copelands or Creflo, that would be very useful to those who love those icons. At least he doesn’t say ‘y’all’ all the time. 🙂


  2. Lumberjack Pete Says:

    Hey, this is a skookum blog you got here, eh? Just dug myself and the missus out of a 10 foot snow drift and finally made it to a Timmy’s for something to warm us up with and when I got home I found your blog when I was looking for salt to melt the snow on my roof. Great site, but too many “y’alls” for my liking, eh? Just to let you know…


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