Polls tell the story…

Seeing as how many people are watching poll results daily right now in anticipation of the November elections (at least in the U.S.), I thought it would be a good idea to put up a new ChurchSalt Poll and review the results of the last one.  So, here we go.  The last poll was this:


Do you regularly examine your Christianity to make sure it is real??

70% Yes. Paul told us to examine our faith, so I often do. It is so easy to be deceived

18% No! I asked Jesus into my heart, I know I am saved; Why go looking for doubt?

3% No. I believe in God & I am a good, giving person. God knows I’m good and I think I’m OK too.

9% Sure, I wonder sometimes if I am on the right road, but who doesn’t? I hope that I am OK


I will be honest, I thought answer number 1 was a give-away.  It states in the answer the truth that the Apostle Paul told us to examine ourselves to see if we are in the faith (see 2 Corinthians 13:5).  This answer was designed to inform people of this truth as much as it was to offer the correct answer.  The fact that the greater majority of voters chose this answer is very encouraging.

Answers 3 and 4 barely registered on the poll, so I won’t spend much time discussing them.  Biblically speaking, those holding these views are, unfortunately, not true believers.  In regards to number 3, belief in God means nothing as even demons believe.  And nobody is good (see Romans 3) all have sinned, and the goodness of man is wickedness to God.  We have all broken His laws and are guilty, so being “OK” will not pacify Holy justice before the throne of God.  Answer 4 is nothing more than a complete lack of faith in the work of Christ, and since it is through faith we lay hold to the promise of salvation, those holding this view cannot be truly redeemed either.

The real surprise in this poll (although I suppose it shouldn’t be) is the popularity of answer number 2.  The fact that many people passed up the clearly Biblical answer provided in answer 1 and instead selected an answer filled with two unbiblical ideas mated together is troubling.  Nowhere does Scripture tells us to ask Jesus into our heart.  That is a fairly modern myth and has absolutely no Scriptural support.  So while I am sure God has seen fit to accept many a repentant heart full of belief that has come to Him with this flawed theology, this in no way excuses the preaching of (or adherence to) a “gospel” that is not found in Scripture.  And the last part of this answer is a direct contradiction of the 2 Corinthians 13:5 teaching.

Folks, we are told to examine ourselves to find if our faith is genuine.  We need to search the Scriptures and examine the fruit in our lives with a Bible in hand and a prayerful heart.  Can anything be more important?


Don’t forget to take the new poll (found on the right sidebar of your screen) before you go.

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One Comment on “Polls tell the story…”

  1. roger Says:

    one way thru jesus christ the son of god


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