the HUGE importance of Context

How important is it to know the context of a verse when it is used in a sermon or teaching? Very important.  Really very important.  Mucho-grande really important.  Without knowing the context (that is, the verses surrounding the one given, and their meaning) of a verse or passage, you have no way of knowing whether or not you are being fed solid Biblical food or a false teaching!  Context is the greatest defense against false teachers leading you astray.  Many verses can be pulled out of their original settings and be portrayed as meaning something else entirely.  How did Jesus feel about preachers using this deception?  He was very upset when He heard about it!  In fact, He was so upset that the Bible says in John 11:35 that, “Jesus wept.”   Well….okay, that one was obvious…but many aren’t so obvious and can slip right by without raising any alarms and lead us into false doctrine. Many a modern preacher can tell a great story that tugs at your heart-strings or sense of obligation while quoting Scripture.  A smooth preacher can even weave together a great sermon that really identifies with the people, and make it sound Biblical, while in reality the teaching is complete fiction!  Chris Rosebrough over at Fighting for the Faith (found on Pirate Christian Radio) recently gave a great analogy of the dangers of a lack of context.  This is a short audio file, but is a great illustration.  Click HERE to listen!

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One Comment on “the HUGE importance of Context”

  1. revivalandreformation Says:

    Yes indeed. I have faced this giant of Scripture Twisting time and again. Those who pick and choose the verses that suit their needs, desires and thinking processes are indeed in trouble. The Bible says there is much to fear with those who take out or add to God’s Holy Word, how much more in danger are those who twist it? It’s one thing to remove the offensive Scripture, but to use it to further your desires? Yikes…


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