The Natural Destination of Modern “Christianity”

The modern message in the vast majority of pulpits is this, “Love God and love others, live right and stop messing up.”  It is a message of, “Just do more of what you know you should do.”  Jesus Christ is often mixed in as filling some sort of supporting role, whether it be as an example, or as the one who is extending you another chance to do the right thing, or as a life coach urging you on to do better.  There is nothing in the modern role of Christ that cannot be accomplished by others, whether it be Allah, the Hindu gods or even Dr. Phil.  This demotion of Christ’s identity in the eyes of the church-goer is why we are starting to see more and more public cries for “unity”.  Churches and organizations are beginning to call the Hindu faith “another way” to Jesus and state “Allah” is another name for God.  Many are calling Muslims and those of the Jewish faith our “brothers and sisters” in the faith.  “Not Churches in my area!” you may exclaim, “They may not preach about a crucified Christ very often, but they don’t embrace false religions!” My reply to you would simply be, “Not yet.”

When the horrible truth of sin is neglected in the pulpit because it is uncomfortable, there no longer needs to be a substitute for us on a Cross.  If Christ on the Cross isn’t really needed, the messages all slowly begin to address current life issues and spiritualism.  And when the focus of church teaching is man, man’s needs, man’s spiritual experience and man’s comfort, there is absolutely no civilized reason not to join hands with other religions, as they are simply different roads to the same destination.

Would you like an example?  Recently the Massachusetts Bible Society made the decision to give out 2 copies of the Qur’an for every copy they learn has been burnt in a proposed demonstration.  Seriously?  The Bible is full of examples of God’s judgment and anger being poured out on those who worship false gods, and yet a Bible society is going to begin distributing a book full of false teaching!  And how do they justify doing this?  Because (according to them) it is the Christian thing to do!  Here is a quote (click HERE to go to their article) from their website:

“This in no way diminishes our belief in the Bible as the Word of God.  On the contrary, it is acting on the command within its pages to love our neighbors as ourselves (Lev. 19:18) and to do unto others as we would have done unto us. (Matt. 7:12).”

Does this summary of the Law (which Romans teaches us never saved anybody) they give as a defense sound familiar?  It is the same teaching found in the majority of modern Christian churches!  And taken separately, divorced from the whole of Biblical teaching, the folks in Massachusetts are right.  It is a nice, inclusive and peace-loving thing to help those in other religions by supplying them their desired texts.  Unity with false teachers, religions and texts is the natural end of a pulpit devoid of Christ and Him crucified.

Without Christ’s atonement on the Cross, religions are mostly all the same, simply preaching salvation through works.  Muslims, Catholics, Emergents, Mormons…they all preach salvation through works.  Some focus on conquest, some preach religious duties, and some encourage good social works.  The fact is, almost all false religions preach some mixture of the above duties is what leads to a right standing with God.  They all preach works-salvation and abhor the idea of a Savior who atones for all the sins of His people on a Cross.  Modern christianity is no different.  The message may be, “clean yourself up and be nice” or, “be nice at work and invite people to church” but it is still salvation through works.  Their is only one logical end to that kind of theology, and it is a man-centered unitarian destination that has no part in the Kingdom of God, and no basis in the Bible other than snippets of Scripture removed far from their context or twisted into demonic teachings.

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3 Comments on “The Natural Destination of Modern “Christianity””

  1. Grant Scott Says:

    Facinating and so true!


    • revivalandreformation Says:

      I find it fascinating to see a blatantly hostile religion such as Islam actually being able to convince the general public (and mainstream churches it seems) that they are a religion of peace. It’s like a rattlesnake convincing a person that his fangs are to help rather than kill. It’s a perfect evidence of the dumbing down of society, sitting back and watching all of the dodos stumble to the edge that overlooks the great chasm of oblivion flapping their atrophied stumps wildly convinced they can fly. Ever watch Chicken Run? The only movie I have really watched in over ten years and it is a perfect example of society and its ever growing stupidity thinking it has its (sorry for the pun) eggs in order.

      The Qur’an: (8:12): “…and strike upon their necks.” Imagine if Christianity suddenly said we were going to behead a bunch of abortionists or something of that regard? And actually went ahead and did it? What then? We would be shut down PDQ! Only Islam has gotten away with this sort of behaviour. What the future holds is anyone’s guess, but it sure seems like we are headed for another chapter in the Foxe’s Book of Martyrs. So be it!


  2. revivalandreformation Says:

    I can’t wait to see the Muslim nation giving out 2 copies of the Bible for every one they burn. Maybe if it was the Message…come Lord Jesus come.


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