Be nice? No… be MORE nice!

I had high hopes when I came across this article over at CNN (click HERE to read).  It is an article explaining how the majority of modern teenagers are embracing a false and unbiblical “Christianity”.  It started off great!  A study composed of over 3000 interviews with the findings that while most American youth profess Christianity, few could even describe what a Christian believes beyond the concept of “we should all be nice.”  This is indeed the sad truth of the American teen.  The modern American church (and many churches in many other countries as well) serves soft, meaningless, religious sounding programs to their youth to entertain them and keep them coming back.  The article  describes the problem this way, “We think that they want cake, but they actually want steak and potatoes, and we keep giving them cake.” Great observation, and completely on the mark.

So after identifying and explaining the problem accurately, the author had some advice for parents on how to raise their teens up in genuine faith.  Instead of raising them in a religious culture of “Christianity is being nice” teach by example and do something really nice!  Here is the advice given in the article:

“What can a parent do then?

Get “radical,” Dean says.

She says parents who perform one act of radical faith in front of their children convey more than a multitude of sermons and mission trips….A parent’s radical act of faith could involve something as simple as spending a summer in Bolivia working on an agricultural renewal project or turning down a more lucrative job offer to stay at a struggling church.”

So the core of Christianity is mission trips and acts of piety.  Really?  And here I thought it was Jesus Christ!  These teens can’t articulate Biblical beliefs, which means they are completely in the dark concerning their guilt before God, and the offer of pardon extended by Christ on the Cross.  These teens need to hear about God’s Law, and their guilt.  They need to hear why Jesus was on the Cross.  They need to be told that  the term “Christian” applies to someone who has repented of their sins and believes in Christ’s work on the Cross to save them, and how it does not apply to people because they are doing something.  What did Jesus say to those who wanted to do the works of God?

“Then they said to him, “What must we do, to be doing the works of God?”  Jesus answered them, “This is the work of God, that you believe in him whom he has sent.” John 6:28-29

This article goofed.  Completely.  Bad.  I cannot help but wonder if the author knows what Christianity actually is according to Scripture.  The truthful answer to the confused parent is this: “Repent and believe in Christ and His work for the forgiveness of sins.  Then go give this message to your children.  Search the Scriptures daily and live a life of prayer and submission to God.”  The answer to a lost generation who has been told they should “be nice” is NOT to go forth and be more nice!

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