Here we go again…

Remember “The Jesus Seminar”?  If you recall, they were the fine folks who decided to look over the Gospels, and decide (by voting) which parts were authentic and which parts were probably false.  Of course, the first thing to go was miracles and any evidence of divinity.  Why? Because “knowing” Jesus was just a man, the seminar decreed these things were obviously false.  Never mind the fact that if God does actually exist and did indeed send His Son that the Son would probably have some telltale signs about Him.  This is but one example of their horribly flawed logic and blatant presentation of opinions being presented as research findings.  In short, if their publications weren’t so heretical, they would be laughable.  Their methods and conclusions don’t stand up to logic or reason, let alone the powerhouse that is the Word of God.  The Jesus Seminar revealed itself to simply be an attack on Christianity under the guise of respectable scholarship.  I use strong words when describing these folks, and make no apology for it.  They are open in their hatred of Biblical doctrine, so I will be open in my defense of it.

Their last “look at me” act designed to insult Christ and push heresy using public controversy was several years ago, so why do I bring them up now?  Well, to celebrate 25 years of rebelling against the God that gives them oxygen, they are coming out with a new book in October.  They have decided to attack the writings of Paul.  I do not have a pre-release copy of this book to review, but I think I can assure you of at least three things:

1) They will conclude that Paul didn’t even write several of the books traditionally attributed to him.

2) All hints of Christ’s atoning work on the Cross will be denounced as lies and imports from other religions or as fables.

3) Any passage dealing with homosexuality will likewise be denounced as false.

So…here we go again.  A group of liberal (another word for heretical) scholars attacking the Church in the name of the Church.  Wake up, everybody, and be prepared to give answer to those who might engage you in a discussion regarding this new book.  Do I sound angry in this post?  That is probably because I am.  I have grown weary of seeing the tweed coat professor crowd advertising themselves as superior in wisdom & knowledge.  I wouldn’t care if they told everyone they were smarter than me, (there are few that aren’t) but they continue to portray themselves as smarter than Biblical writers inspired by the Holy Spirit, more knowledgeable than the Creator who made everything that is, and more scholarly than all men.  It is insulting to the savior who died for me and who continues to extend great patience to them.  It makes me angry to see my Lord spit upon in such a heinous way!

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2 Comments on “Here we go again…”

  1. ingrid lindmark Says:

    I agree with you 100%. Sometimes more often than not, I feel like Im on an island all by myself.
    The teaching and the books that are out there are getting so far from Gods Truth.


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