If I could write a book…

If you were to browse my bookshelf, it would quickly become evident that I like to read theology books written by dead guys.  That is, the vast majority of authors on my shelves have been dead for hundreds of years.  I find modern authors to be tainted by a sensual culture that influences their worldview, and thus their writings.  There are a few exceptions to my “dead theologian only” rule, but not many.  I am quite happy to report that I have just added a new book to my shelf, and found it to be of such caliber that I feel compelled to recommend it to all who might cross my path, including the ChurchSalt reader.  Michael Horton has published a book entitled, “Christless Christianity” that addresses the modern message being preached as Christianity, and the beliefs held by those claiming to be Christians.  If I were more eloquent and well-studied, this is the kind of book I would love to write.  What Horton addresses in this book is indeed the whole reason I began the ChurchSalt website to begin with.  A call must go forth to those claiming Christianity in these times.  They must begin to inspect Scripture to see if their beliefs truly line up with God’s Word, and they must begin giving an attentive ear to their pastors to see if he is preaching sound doctrine or a cultural religion.  Those claiming Christianity must face the fact that the Bible warns that many, many a professing believer doesn’t even know Christ at all, and still stands condemned before a righteous, holy, and all-powerful God.  This book is the kind of wake-up call I wish I heard more often.  Below is a short (5 minutes) clip of Michael Horton delivering a message giving a brief summary of his book.  The clip is good, but if you have the means, get the book.

This book would also make a terrific Christmas gift to give to others as well.

To read a great article by Michael Horton on this same subject, click HERE.

To read more about this book, go to the book’s website by clicking HERE.

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One Comment on “If I could write a book…”

  1. revivalandreformation Says:

    Before you write a book, Joe, you need a better theme for your blog…kidding! With the wisdom and knowledge you have been given by the grace of God, you could write many books.


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