The Doctrine of Frog Evangelism

Riddle me this:

Five frogs are sitting on a log.  Three of them decide to jump off.  How many frogs are left on the log??

I was never very good at story problems in school, nor at riddles, for that matter.  But the answer to this one seems pretty straight-forward.  The obvious answer is two.  But of course, it wouldn’t be a good riddle without a twist.  The real answer is five.  Why?  Because making a decision to do something is different than actually doing it.  The riddle never told us any frogs actually jumped, just that they decided to jump.  Big difference.

This is very similar to what I see in modern evangelism and altar-calls.  We are told to “make a decision” for Christ.  The preacher often asks those who “made decisions” to raise their hands.  And of course we will certainly hear what the “decision count” was the next time we all get together.  But is “making a decision” what the Bible preaches as the Gospel?  No.  The Bible tells us to believe.  Believe Christ is the Son of God, God in the flesh who paid for our sins on the Cross and rose again.  We are to repent of our sins and follow Him as Lord and Master, living a life of repentance.  A simple nod of agreement or decision that we need God means nothing.  We find in Luke 24 what is supposed to be preached, “repentance and the forgiveness of sins in Jesus name.”

Have you “made a decision for Christ”?  Wonderful.  It means nothing.  Let me now ask you some questions that mean everything; Have you believed the message of Jesus Christ?  Are you putting all your trust in Him?  Are you relying on His work on the Cross to pay for your crimes and do you realize that your good deeds have no value whatsoever in settling your debt with God?  Do you now call Him Lord, Savior, Master, and God?  Have you repented of your sins?  Are you striving to be Holy, because He is Holy?  Do you hate the sins you once loved because He has changed you?  Is the change so profound that it is noticeable to those around you or have you just made inward “decisions” to change?  Do you truly believe and follow Him??  True belief will be reflected in every aspect of your life.

The most determined frog of the five is still, to this day, sitting on the log.  Don’t be a decisional frog, repent and believe today!

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