What is “…for me”?

Warning!  Beware!  Danger ahead!! That is what should go through your mind when you hear a preacher or speaker use the phrase “for me”.  It is a red flag warning sign that the person speaking does not believe in truth, logic or God’s Word, even if they profess that they do.  Now to clarify, I am NOT talking about statements such as, “for me, the doctrine of sin actually enhances the wonder, amazement and gratitude I have for my Lord who saved me.”  That is a subjective opinion, openly delivered by the speaker as an opinion and an emotion.  The dangerous “for me” is when it is used not on feelings, but hard truths revealed in God’s Word.  For example, if when discussing the Gospel message a preacher makes a statement like, “For me, the Gospel is…” you need to be fully aware of what he is doing.  The Bible states very clearly (black ink on white paper) what the Gospel message is.  It is repentance and the forgiveness of sins in Jesus’ name.  When our God and creator tells us this clearly, a teacher saying, “for me” should set off alarm bells and set us to running from the building for fear of infection, for the teacher has rejected the clear teaching of Scripture and is indeed taking you in a whole new direction.  The more I listen to modern seeker sensitive pastors, emergent types, and modern liberal “christians” the more I come to understand that there are certain terms and phrases that seem to be a “calling card” of false doctrine.  I submit to you that the use of “for me” in regards to clearly stated Biblical truth is such a calling card.  Please do yourself and your family a favor; if you are in a church where the teaching of Biblical truth is seasoned with “for me” theology…leave!

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One Comment on “What is “…for me”?”

  1. revivalandreformation Says:

    How about this one…”In my opinion, I think the Bible is saying this…”? Or this one…”I know it’s not there, but I think this verse could be used to say this…”?

    It’s a trap that all of us have fallen into from time to time.

    What did Jesus look like?
    Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?
    How many gifts did the wise men bring anyway?

    In my opinion, if it doesn’t affect salvation, then it doesn’t matter. Like you said “The Bible states very clearly (black ink on white paper) what the Gospel message is. It is repentance and the forgiveness of sins in Jesus’ name.”, this is all that matters. The Bible is NOT open to interpretation nor does one man or another have special revelation that others don’t.

    Stick to the basics, stick to the simple truths of God’s word, and leave it at that and we would have far less division in the church.


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