ChurchSalt’s Autumn Challenge

“Enoch walked with God, and he was not, for God took him.” – Genesis 5:24

Autumn is right around the corner, and with it a new season of activity for many who go by the name “Christian”.  School is starting for children, seasonal jobs are ending (or beginning), political activity will be increasing, and even sources of entertainment will change for many (football season coming on, boats being stored, etc.)  But what about you, oh believer?  Are you content in your walk with Christ?  Or does there need to be change in this area as well?  We are told to be content in regards to worldly goods and wealth, but not in our knowledge of, or communion with, the Lord of Hosts!!  Is this new season bringing any thoughts of change in how you pursue Christ, or are you content?

The ChurchSalt challenge:

With the change in schedule, make some changes!  Set the alarm clock for 30 minutes earlier, and seek God daily.  After the kids go to bed, instead of television, study the Word of God.  Begin searching out a way you might bless Christian Brothers and Sisters who are in need with a day or two a month of some sort of service.  Too busy with the “practical” to do such things?  Be warned…The drunk in the night club will rise up to condemn you!  Every night those in the party crowd raise their glasses and proclaim “Another beer, bartender!  I can sleep when I’m dead!” and yet the Christian can’t sacrifice 30 minutes here or 20 minutes there.  Truly our God is of less value to us than a glass of Budweiser!

The life of ease for the Christian in the West will most likely soon be gone.  Seek Him now while you have the freedom to do so!  Saturate yourself with His Word while it is easily available and you have the time (you really do have the time, you know!)  The seasons are changing.  Do you love Him and serve Him the way He deserves?  Is He receiving the full reward for the suffering He endured when He redeemed you?  Enoch “walked with God”, isn’t that the kind of thing we should all strive for?  To walk side by side with our savior?  If the seasons are changing, maybe we should be as well.

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One Comment on “ChurchSalt’s Autumn Challenge”

  1. revivalandreformation Says:

    Here is a post I wrote one time about this very same subject. Where are we spending our time, money and love? Where is our treasure? That’s where our heart will be. What is our treasure? Whatever enchants, enraptures, encapsulates or takes the bulk of our time or energy can be termed our treasure.

    We are all guilty, and shamefully so, we are also indifferent to our guilt. We shrug our shoulders and say, “Well, that’s the flesh man…” Curse the flesh man, mortify the flesh and buffet it daily, Paul said.


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