An Accurate Testimony

So much teaching about evangelism these days focuses on “sharing our testimony” as if the fact we as Christians live better lives will somehow save people from sin, death and the devil.  It won’t.  Our new & improved life, sense of purpose and accomplishment, along with freedom from addictions is NOT the Gospel.  A good therapist, exciting career or the Mormon church can provide all these things, and send people to Hell in the process.  So now you think I am going to tell you to avoid sharing your testimony and simply preach the Gospel, right?  Wrong.

Sharing your testimony (how you came to Christ) is a great idea, but make sure it is accurate.  It cannot simply be filled with your emotions and the results of your salvation.  Why not?  That isn’t accurate!!  That isn’t how you came to know Christ!  Everyone who is truly saved has repented of their sins, believed the Bible’s teachings about Jesus Christ, and trusted in His work on the Cross to pay for their crimes against God.  This is how you became a Christian.  So when sharing your testimony, make sure it is accurate by including these things.  Of course, it is impossible to explain how you repented without explaining how you knew what you needed to repent from.  So, you must explain how you became aware of what sin is and the punishment it carries (the Ten Commandments are a nice summary you could use for this).  You can’t tell someone how you believed without telling them what you believe, so share how you learned who Christ is according to the Bible (sinless Son of God, God in the flesh).  And you can’t explain your trust without also explaining what you trust Christ  has done (paying for your sins on the Cross and giving you a righteous standing before God).  This is the truth about how you became a Christian, so if you are sharing your testimony, it has to be included.  If it isn’t, than you aren’t truly sharing your testimony, are you?

Changed lives are great.  I thank God that He changed mine.  But this will save nobody (not even me).  If you don’t give an accurate testimony, all you have done is given somebody a feel-good story that leaves them still headed to Hell, the same place they were headed before you even met them.  By all means, share your testimony…just make sure it is accurate!

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4 Comments on “An Accurate Testimony”

  1. revivalandreformation Says:

    Amen! How many people have an “experience” and others lust after it, wanting the same thing? The only “experience” we should have is absolute brokenness by the weight of our sin, and by the hand of an incensed God. I heard a preacher once say, ‘You can’t tell people about the Good News, unless you tell them about the Bad News first.”


    • Says:

      And truly the bad news is so much worse than we could have ever imagined! But….the good news is so much better than we could have ever imagined! When this is actually understood, it makes “experiences” rather mundane.


      • revivalandreformation Says:

        The problem with experience-based Christianity, is it is always ruled by emotionalism and sensationalism. Feeling and emotions tell the person if it is a good thing or bad. What if the person likes the bad and hates the good, then what? Look at all the people getting tattooed, they must REALLY like the pain to go through something so barbaric. We just can’t rely on emotions to guide us through our walk with God. Sometimes He seems so very far away, and sometimes He seems so close. Did He move? Or what it us?


  2. ana Says:

    absolutely agree! God bless. May all the professing christian know and understand this… that we will lead people in the only way, the only truth, the only life (Jesus Christ)… not with enticing words of men.


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