Spotlight on… Voice of the Martyrs!

“By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” – John 13:35

We here at ChurchSalt occasionally draw attention to ministries worthy of prayer and support.  In our humble opinion, Voice of the Martyrs is a ministry very worthy of support!  Why?  Before answering that, let me ask you something…Do you love your Brothers and Sisters in Christ?  All of them, or just the ones in your neighborhood?  Persecution of believers is intense and widespread right now.  Christians in other countries are being burned, tortured, raped, and imprisoned daily rather than deny Christ while most believers in the West live relatively comfortable lives.  I do not propose we in the West should feel guilty for our blessing.  No, we should genuinely thank God for it.  But we also have an obligation to help those who are a part of our family.  How can we read of these accounts and not help?  Voice of the Martyrs feeds the families left behind when a Pastor is killed or imprisoned, they provide medical care and shelter for believers who have been thrust from their homes.  They care for the orphaned children of martyrs and encourage those persecuted with the Word.

What they also do is extend to you the opportunity and privilege of stretching your hands across the lands to help the broken Brother or Sister you have never met. Please visit their website HERE and consider supporting them with both prayer and finances today.

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One Comment on “Spotlight on… Voice of the Martyrs!”

  1. revivalandreformation Says:

    We have no idea what it means to suffer for Christ. “Someone laughed at me when I was singing a hymn”, “That guy called me a nut when I tried to witness to him”…etc. This is persecution to us. In other countries, dear Christians are being raped and murdered, used as guinea pigs in laboratories, flattened out by steam rollers, burned at the stake…we have no room whatsoever to complain. The storm is coming though, and there will be a lot of so called Christians who will not be able to take the squeezing and conforming, and will unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) abort.


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