How does Jesus stack up??

August 23, 2010

American Church, Apostasy, Humor

I read a great little article over at “Extreme Theology” today.  It is a comparison of how talented and dynamic Jesus was as speaker & leader as compared to all the CEO-type pastors running around these days.  It seems the majority of modern pastors study church growth techniques, acoustics, and the possible needs of potential church-goers far more than Jesus ever did.  Why is that?  If we look at Jesus with the advanced wisdom, knowledge and culture we have in these modern times we must ask; was Jesus truly a good leader?  Check out this great article…

By today’s new ‘Church Leadership’ standards Jesus was a clueless leader who obviously wasn’t in tune with the ‘worship experience’ needs of His time and culture. Fact is, when you read the New Testament biographies you don’t read about Jesus discussing the latest leadership philosophies, church branding strategies, church marketing practices or the latest ideas for designing and creating holistic audio/visual environments to help create the perfect mood for people to have an engaging worship experience.

Instead, when you read the New Testament you discover that Jesus often taught outside and Jesus’ teaching events were far from seeker-sensitive. When you compare Jesus’ leadership practices to the new and improved leadership principles of Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, Leadership Network and others you’d have to conclude that Jesus was a complete failure as a leader and was in the dark when it came to meeting the felt needs of His target market.

A prime example of Jesus’ utter cluelessness is found in the Gospel of Mark chapter 8. In the opening verses of that chapter we learn that Jesus held, for lack of a better term, a three-day long “outdoor church conference” where He was the featured speaker. Here’s what…. Read the entire article over at Extreme Theology by clicking HERE now.

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