ON “little” SINS

The Christian is commanded not to sin.  As our Father changes our desires (Philippians 2:13) He opens our eyes to the sin in our life, and we begin to hate it and strive against it.  But, having a sinful nature, we still sin.  This process of hating and fighting sin through the strength God gives us causes turmoil and pain in the believer.  Some sins we commit we don’t even realize until it is over just what we did.  Other sin is spontaneous, and we are wincing in realization even as we stumble into it.  But sometimes we sin knowingly, trying to justify it to ourselves or trying to muffle the voice of conviction inside us that has risen up to scream its’ accusations.  The Holy Spirit residing inside us will not sit idly by as we pursue our rebellion.  We will be torn and filled with grief because of sin, and as a result of His discipline (sometimes gentle, sometimes not-so-gentle) we notice a pattern in our lives, that being the decline of sin and the increase of Godly and Holy things.  If there is no hatred of all sin in your life, if the sins described in the Bible are comfortably a part of your life, then God’s Spirit does not reside inside you, you can be assured of that.

So what does sin (which is simply rebellion against God and His commands) do to the relationship between believer and Lord?

For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft1 Samuel 15:23

When we sin we are pursuing our own desires and lusts instead of following our Lord.  We are choosing to walk away from the one who created us. We are choosing to rupture our relationship with Him.  Websters defines Witchcraft like this:

1 a : the use of sorcery or magic b : communication with the devil or with a familiar

So really, what our rebellion truly does is to befriend us with Satan in order to fill our desires.  Which in all reality means there is no such thing as a “little” sin.  You know that nagging “little” conviction you have about the television? (Better stop reading, American Christian!! I am about to attack your sacred cow!!) We all know that the $50/month we spend on cable or satellite could be used to glorify and serve God somewhere else, but it is only $50, right?  And even though there is a lot of  sensual cheerleader shots during the football game, that isn’t the reason you are watching it, right guys?  And Lifetime TV constantly showing evil men abusing innocent women doesn’t have any real effect on how you view your husband, right ladies?  And anyway, we all know that Christians only watch the “Discovery Channel” and junior and Sally would never turn the channel when Daddy isn’t around.  And relax, that “Dove” soap ad with the naked girl isn’t sensual, it just an ad for soap.  These “little” convictions over “little” sins are still signs of your rebellion.  You are still befriending Satan in order to get what you want.  In the case of TV it is a way to keep the kids out of our hair and feel as though they are being educated.  It is a way to relax and put our feet up.  And in pursuing our desires over the commands of God we rebel.  We embrace a friendship  and partnership with the evil one for the sake of our comfort and entertainment (Shouldn’t you also ask yourself why sensuality and violence not only don’t bother you, but are sources of entertainment?)

And TV isn’t the only “little” sin, is it?  Those of us who are married often cultivate and justify some “little” garden of anger against our spouse.  She never does this right, or that often enough, so I can get angry and resentful because it is a recurring problem.  It isn’t a big deal, that is just how marriage works, right guys?  Loving our wife as Christ loved the Church is all fine, but these “little” gardens of anger and resent are okay because that is just the way married life is….right?  But don’t worry ladies, I am sure you don’t have any recurring problems with your husband where  instead of showing respect you show contempt or impatience.  But it is just a “little” bump on the road of married life, right?

No.  All these “little” sins are a turning from God, and an embrace of sin, and of Lucifer.  We are to be content in our Earthly lives because we have Christ, so why all the self-pity and pursuit of worldy sympathy and comforts?  How many of us indulge in these “little” sins all week (I could give more examples, the list is endless) and then come to Church, raise our voices, and expect to have a worship “experience”?  How many practice witchcraft (rebellion) all week and then tell God how much we love Him for 15 minutes?  It is no wonder we read this in Romans 12:

I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship.

Every time you choose a sin (whether it be anger, lust, worldy entertainment, drunkenness, greed…whatever) you choose Satan over Christ.  That is the simple truth.  Do you want to have true intimacy with God?  Do you want to have communion with Christ?  It isn’t rocket science, it is simple.  Choose to spend time with Him instead of  His enemy.  Read His Words instead of other people’s words.  Spend time in prayer with Him instead of just talking with others about talking to Him!  Simple truths of any relationship!  Or is your religion just that… a religion?  Is your doctrine and theology great on paper, but unable to get off the paper?  Or perhaps, this whole article doesn’t make any sense to you at all.  “What conviction?” you may ask, “What is this blog talking about?!?  I tithe, I go to church, the rest is “me” time!”  Friend, if this is the case you are a Christian in name only, and you need to repent of your sin and call out to Christ for forgiveness!

For those who truly seek Christ, let us all take some time to examine ourselves.  Let’s be honest with ourselves, and shine the light of God’s Word into the dark closets we have kept locked, those storage places where we are holding on to some “little” sin.  Like all dark places, this is where evil lives.  Let us not choose this evil over our incredible loving and patient savior anymore!!  Let us repent, not for the sake of earning something, but for the sake of choosing Christ over self and all others…for the sake of knowing Him!!

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3 Comments on “ON “little” SINS”

  1. Marie Says:

    Oh my. Awesome post. Our church did a ladies’ Bible study last year on Jerry Bridges’ “Respectable Sins”, and he develops many of the same points you bring up. We really are lacking in self-control (which is a fruit of the Spirit), and shouldn’t be complacent about the “little” infractions. Thanks for the reality check.


    • ChurchSalt.com Says:

      Hi Marie,
      Glad to see I didn’t chase you away with all that “vegetable worship” talk last week! 🙂
      This post is coming from some conviction in my own life lately. We find it so easy as Christians to say, “I want to know Jesus better” but then run out and do the things He hates and can’t be associated with. “Big” sins are…well….big. We all know about those. But doesn’t performing a “little” sin equate one’s relationship with Christ to be of lesser value than the object that sin? Example:
      Let’s say that I dont murder, I don’t blaspheme and I don’t lust for the whole day. Why? Not to be saved (I already am, and not by being a good boy) but because I want to follow and know Christ more. But if I get hungry and take a pack of peanuts from the store, does that not mean I valued peanuts more than my relationship with Jesus Christ? Even if just for a moment? I knew it would cause offense, stumbling, alienation and discipline, but I take the nuts anyway, thereby making the nuts of more value to me than Christ. Wow!! Or how about if I don’t return that great theology book to the church library because it really opens my eyes to the ways of my Lord. Now I am deliberatley causing offense to the very one I am proclaiming to become enamored with!
      Thus my conviction lately has been that the smallest of the small sins are in a very real way, huge. The smaller the offense, the more I demonstrate my horrible incapacity to love, obey and serve on my own strength. How great, gracious, and amazing is a Lord who would see all this, and yet suffer and die to provide atonement anyway?!? Wow, wow, wow!!!!


      • tt Says:

        Yea, it is often the little things. I remember in my life getting the big sins I didn’t want, but found that they are not the biggest threat. Yes, the big sins have their price, for example, fornication does lead to hell eventually, but it is so blatantly obvious that it is not likely to occur or repeat in a believers life. But what about the little anger, manipulation, rationalization, cutting corners in your giving, work, service for God, e.t.c.? These seem to be the biggest threat of all


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