The Truth of Adoption

I was recently browsing “Musings from a Theo-Geek“, which is a blog I stumbled upon just this weekend, and found a terrific article addressing the true nature of our adoption.  When I say, “our adoption” I am referring to the adoption of the Christian into the family of God.  The legal act made possible by Christ’s atoning death that makes a person into a son or daughter of God (for before conversion we are not).  I have not had a chance to browse the rest of this site to see if it is Biblically aligned, so I hesitate to give the entire blog a blanket endorsement.  But if the rest of the articles are like this, I think it will be a good resource.  However, if you find any articles suggesting you need to worship dill pickles, well, we here at ChurchSalt will likely beg to differ.  But I don’t expect to see that.  This article on our adoption is a well thought out, Biblical aligned and theologically correct look into our adoption and what it means.  What I am saying (in a very rambling way) is that it is a really, really good article and you really need to read it.  So, without further delay….

Last month I read a book called “Three Little Words”, a memoir of a girl’s horrific childhood in the foster care system. Eventually she was adopted, as a teen, by a loving family. (This wasn’t something I read for pleasure – it was on my daughter’s public school summer reading list, and I was screening it.) While the material was inappropriate for 13-year-olds, it was a painfully raw and all-too-accurate glimpse of what some foster children experience.

Being shuffled through countless homes of indifferent or abusive “foster parents” obviously scars children. They come to see themselves as unloved, and presumably unlovable. Even the fortunate ones, who are adopted, face problems – they cannot trust adults, believe that they are loved, or understand what a permanent place in a family means. Many adoptions are actually disrupted… to read the entire post at the original website, click HERE

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3 Comments on “The Truth of Adoption”

  1. Says:

    Hi Marie,
    Yeah, I think I too would have a problem with the graphic literature. I don’t care how “educational” the book might be, purity and innocence is something that is not easily recovered.

    We (wife, 2 kids) too are of reformed persuasion. While I avoid the term “Calvinist” like the divisive plague that I believe it to be, we hold to Biblical doctrine that would put us in the 4-point camp. Now, there are a few select vegetables I believe are absolutely necessary for proper worship, but if the Lord has not revealed those to you yet, I will not offend His sovereignty! (just kidding, folks…hold the emails!!)

    For some reason, your article gave me a lot to reflect on over the past few days, which is why I thought it would be good to share. While it contained no theological positions that were new to me, sometimes the presentation of familiar concepts in a new light sheds, well, new light on a subject. For that I thank you. I bookmarked your blog and hope to be back browsing again shortly. As for your own internet wanderings, if you ever come over to the ChurchSalt side of town again, please feel free to leave comments, good or bad. A good discussion between believers is truly of more value than most of us probably know. Thanks for stopping by!

    May the Lord bless you and keep you!


  2. Marie Says:

    Hi folks,

    Wow; I am really humbled and more than a little psyched that you thought so highly of my article! Actually, I just banged that one out one night – I wasn’t particularly crazy about a book that graphic being on a middle schooler’s summer reading list – but the spiritual analogy (intentional or not) did not escape me. Apparently my observation touched a chord for a few people; I received several positive comments on that post.

    No; I promise you I am doctrinally sound and do not worship dill pickles (or any other forms of funky vegetables, for that matter)! I am a conservative Evangelical of the Reformed Baptistic variety (my church is technically non-denominational, but that is where we fall on the theological spectrum). If you backed me into the corner, I’d probably confess to being a 4-point Calvinist. 🙂

    I am a BulgarianEnglish interpreter by profession and a writer/biblical counselor by ministry. I have a book coming out early next year on repentance and restoration from eating disorders (Calvary Press), and expect to complete my NANC certification shortly thereafter.

    Again, I’m so pleased you liked my blog well enough to link me, and I hope you visit again often. I’m enjoying getting to know yours! 🙂

    In Christ,



  3. revivalandreformation Says:

    This blog hit very close to home. The powers at be don’t realize the damage they are incurring when they rip children out of homes for “their safety”. We were ripped out of God’s loving arms by a cruel and unfeeling enemy and it was only through the sacrifice of our precious Saviour, can we return home to our true family where we belong. This is adoption for me. This will be adoption for our children God willing…


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