Evidence of Reality… The Rebel

For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth.  For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them.  For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse.  For although they knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their foolish hearts were darkened.   Romans 1:18-21

I like to visit various religious blogs and discussion forums.  In doing so, I have become accustomed to one fact of life… atheists are angry, angry people.  For the most part, if you enter into a discussion with an atheist (or a group, they seem to roam in packs) you will be talked to in a very condescending and hateful manner.  If they start out polite, rest assured, their animosity is as faithful as the sunrise.  All it takes is one or two comments moving the conversation in the direction of Law and Grace (the true Gospel) and the gloves come off (avoid sin and the Cross and you will be fine).  For that matter, I experience the same phenomenon in discussions regarding the morality of homosexuality.  Anger and hate.  No matter how hard one tries to direct folks to Scripture (what it says in black and white) it is always ends with I being the one who is painted as hateful, intolerant and judging. 

I believe I am experiencing the reality of what is stated in the above passage of Scripture (Romans 1:18-21).  I believe I am not talking to folks who are what they profess to be.  Instead, I am talking to rebels.  There is no such thing as an atheist.  Nor is there anyone who truly believes their homosexual lifestyle is approved and blessed by the Lord.  Or, at least, if there is, they weren’t always that way.  They may have been “handed over” to their lusts and rebellion, so that they now are totally convinced (a judgment that I find to be absolutely terrifying), but they were not always that way.  There used to be a realization of some degree, a conviction.  A knowledge.  How do I know?  The Scripture tells me this, and I know Scripture to be trustworthy.  There is no such thing as a born atheist or homosexual.  This explains the anger and hatred.  Logic and deduction tells me this as well;  why else would atheists visit religious websites and articles daily, just to insult those of faith?  If the believer was truly a deceived fool, the atheist would pay him no more mind then someone professing to own a unicorn farm.  But this is not the case.  A huge number of atheists (and homosexuals) hunt down articles that disagree with their point of view (condemn their rebellion) and then spend countless hours in angry dialogue in the “comment” section.  Why?  Because the Gospel offends.  Because darkness hates light.  Rebellion against God & truth is what is behind it all.  No one cares about the crazy “unicorn farm” guy.  Unicorn guy doesn’t preach the light of the Gospel, so he gets a pass.  But preachers of the Gospel?  Now there is a target!

I do not hate the atheist, nor the homosexual.  I am not afraid, intimidated, awed, or confused by them (despite the accusations of such that I have received at their hands).  They are in a place that makes me profoundly sad on their behalf.  They love their sin, and many will embrace it to the grave and beyond.  An eternal death clutching their treasure, which is nothing more than iniquity.  I feel bad for the atheist and the homosexual “christian”, even though I know they don’t exist. 

I will close with a much over-used cliché, but in this case it is fitting and accurate….but for the grace of God, there go I!

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13 Comments on “Evidence of Reality… The Rebel”

  1. revivalandreformation Says:

    “Yeah, actually 80% of the people in this country are christian and only about 12% of the whole world would even identify themselves as atheists. If you look around the majority is…you.”

    Leonard Ravenhill said something to the fact that there are over 75 million people in America who are “Christians”, and the country is the rottenness country on the planet…why? Why Moriah? Because they are NOT Christian. The Crusader were not Christian, those men and women you see prancing around their stages on TV are NOT Christian…they only use that moniker to make money and to prey on the gullible who are searching for an answer. They lead them down a path that looks good enough, but still leads them to hell.

    As ChurchSalt said, self righteous? I have cried over my sin more often than you would want to hear about. To know that my sin (never mind yours) put Jesus Christ on the cross, whipped Him and murdered Him is reprehensible to me. This is self righteousness? I am only forgiven, not by my efforts, but by the love and grace of a good God. Moriah, do something for yourself. Pray to God, ask Him to open your eyes to the truth. You’ve got nothing to lose…ask Him if He’s real and if He indeed exists. Ask Him if what we are saying to you is truth or not. I know for someone who doesn’t believe in God, this is a stretch, but what if you are wrong? The only thing that stands in your way Moriah, is your pride. Push it aside and go at this with the thought, “If I’m right, then nothing will change, but if I am wrong, I am willing to admit it.”

    Is it safe to say that you know 10 % of everything there is to know in all the universe? Chances are a really bright person can only truthfully boast that he or she knows about 1%. Can you say with all honesty that in the 99% or lets be liberal here and say you know 10% and say in the 90% that you don’t know or have no clue about, God exists?


  2. moriahbethany Says:

    Yeah, actually 80% of the people in this country are christian and only about 12% of the whole world would even identify themselves as atheists. If you look around the majority is…you. You think that you are right to the exclusion of all else and below your self-righteous exterior you believe that you are better than other people because of your religion. It isn’t even as hidden as you think. If your real objective was faith in Christ and helping the lost you would not mock me. However, your real objective is feeling like you have the other hand. How can you expect to tell people that you do not even know that they are living in”darkness” and expect to be met with friendliness?
    By the way, some of the meanest personal attacks that I have received have been from Christians who have judged me based not on my character but by the fact that I do not believe in things that cannot be proved. Don’t blame atheists its people in general. Look in the mirror after you condemn me.


    • ChurchSalt.com Says:

      Wow. Thanks for telling me what we think! I actually thought most people were probably better than me, and that it was the grace of God when He reached out to me, but I stand corrected (sarcasm). Self righteouss?!?!? I am someone who has broken nearly every law of God! I am a complete and total sinner soaked with iniquity! I am indeed confident of my own righteousness…I am confident that it is non-existent. I am confident that I have violated all that is Holy and stood condemned. The message of the Gospel is that someone saved me (because I needed saving, I was a helpless slave of sin).
      But I must ask, who is mocking you? Who is condemning you in this conversation? To date I have not seen anything but a sharing of what Scripture says. Is Revival & Reformation personally attacking you? Do you perceive me to be? If we didn’t have actual concern for you, we wouldn’t even bother to converse. All that has been stated thus far is what the Words of God actually say. No one is condemning you except the Lord God Himself (John 3:18)
      I dare not condemn you. You are probably a pretty decent person who has pursued sin far less than I have throughout my years. But we are both guilty before God. The only difference is that I have called out to be saved by someone who is greater than me, whereas you have not. How I wish you would!
      Repent and believe in Jesus Christ! I cannot help but wonder why you keep coming back to talk with us “hateful fanatics” if something isn’t eating away on your insides! I will be praying for you tonight….even if you despise me for doing it.


  3. revivalandreformation Says:

    I watched a video today by Paul Washer that I posted on my blog sometime ago, and it talks about the coming storm of persecution. In it, he talks about how we will be killed and how we will lose all for our decision to follow Christ at all costs. Moriah is just reflecting the mindset of the norm out there. We will not be persecuted for our faith, per-say, but for being lunatics, child abusers, hate mongers, bigots and an element that is standing in the way of evolution, and hindering humanity from taking its quantum leap into its destiny. Let us jump for joy, ChurchSalt, for we are indeed blessed, and we are indeed fools and crazy men, for we go against the norm, and we go against the flow and we stand up for what is right, and true and REAL! Bless you brother…


  4. moriahbethany Says:

    The questions that you bring up are ones I have heard a million times before. I don’t feel like answering them again but you are welcome to check out my blog…and please don’t feel pity for me, it’s insincere. I am the happiest I’ve ever been and have no voids to fill. Thanks.


    • revivalandreformation Says:

      There’s a reason why you have heard those questions before, whether you want to admit it or not, God is calling you. Don’t think that you came across this blog by accident. The pity I feel for you is sincere, Moriah, I do feel sorry for you. You are inches away from hell and you can’t even feel your soul being singed. You need to be honest with yourself and admit that you need Jesus Christ. He is your only hope. You will realize your folly one day, and when that happens, it will be too late.


  5. revivalandreformation Says:

    “Ok, but how do you determine what reality is? You ask people to conform to YOUR reality based off of faith.”

    MB, how does one determine reality?! Are you serious? I had this very same conversation with a man who said he was a god. He said, “what is reality? This chair, this table? What is right and wrong? Who says my right is wrong and your right is right?” So I threatened to punch him, telling him that in my mind, I deemed punching him right. Of course, he said, “that’s different.” People such as yourself MB walk through life in a fog of disillusionment. Grasping onto every trend and fad that comes your way…because you are empty. You have a God-made vacuum within you that “attracts” you to God. The problem with you and those such as yourself, is you DO NOT WANT TO BOW THE KNEE TO ANYONE…but yourself. You refuse to admit that you are empty, lonely, aching for SOMETHING, but what??? You will continue to walk through life trying to force square pegs into round holes and have no success. Oh the peg might stay for a little while, but in the end they always fall out.

    MB I feel sorry for you. I feel sorry for you because you are not under the guidance and leadership of a loving and caring man who should be fighting this battle for you. I feel sorry for you that you are struggling with “reality” and the meaning thereof. I feel sorry for you, because you are not in charge of your breathing or your heart’s beating. You have no guarantee that you will make it through tonight, that is up to the very God you deny. Scary, isn’t it?

    The more you run away from God, the more you run into Him…stop running MB, because the day will come when you do stop running, and start begging.


  6. moriahbethany Says:

    That’s just bad logic. “Reality is real”. Ok, but how do you determine what reality is? You ask people to conform to YOUR reality based off of faith. Why should I when there are so many different theories out there (some with more physical evidence I might add). How can you be so sure that yours is the right one? Especially when there are so many, many as old and older than Christianity. It isn’t that I want to spoil your fun. It just seems ridiculous how many people have killed each other over it. It seems ridiculous that gay people cannot get married when clearly it is because of religious reasons. That violates the separation between church and state, and as a judge recently ruled in Massachusetts (sp?) Also isn’t the federal governments right to determine the definition of marriage. It is up to the states to decide.
    Anyway, that’s all for now.


    • ChurchSalt.com Says:

      Please understand, I am not asking anyone to conform to anything. The Word of God says “Repent & believe” and I simply relay the message. It is not up to me to come up with a message or enforce obedience. I and others like me are simply messengers of what the Lord has stated. Each objection you raise would require a volume of evidence and apologetics, and to be honest, I highly doubt it would change your feelings even if every one of them were answered beyond all doubt (which they all can be). I truly hope you take some time to consider your position.


  7. revivalandreformation Says:

    This is the normal run of the mill response from those of the world. We as Christians make amazing claims, and this frightens, angers, offends and puts the world on the defensive, such as the above commenter. We claim that we have THE answer to the world’s problems, and we do. It’s Jesus or it’s hell. We claim that anything that doesn’t line up with the black and white morality of God is sin, and is punishable by death, and it is. Homosexuality, abortion atheism is sin period. It’s either God or death, get over it.


    • ChurchSalt.com Says:

      Truth is reality. One’s perception of reality means nothing. Reality is the real (that’s why it is called that!) That’s the thing in these post-modern times. Someone claiming to know the truth is considered arrogant and judgmental. Never mind if they actually ARE proclaiming truth (reality), they are labeled arrogant “haters” for their inflexible stance.
      The reality is:
      + Sin brings death
      + Salvation is of Christ alone, (through faith not works)
      + Salvation brings noticeable change
      Some get offended, others get uncomfortable, most get mad. But one’s view of facts (or their reaction to facts) in no way changes the facts. Reality is the real. Seen or unseen. Accepted or unaccepted.


  8. moriahbethany Says:

    I can tell you where the animosity comes from. It isn’t the result of rebellion of what we know to be true as you claim. It is the result of the fact that the majority of the world is religious, 80% of our country is Christian and that we are the minority as such. Many people have had too many experiences where Christians and other religious salt of the earth folk have judged them and discriminated against them based off of their religion/ lack there of instead of on their character. It oftne isn’t enough for Christians to believe something themselves, they want to force everyone to believe it, or at least force them to live as if they do. There has also been an uprising against science. Evolution has given us so many vaccines and scientific discoveries but for many they discard it because it doesn’t line up with their world views. This has caused an uprising of disbelief in the face of evidence on many subjects, including the fact that we are destroying this planet. When the public starts making their descisions based off of anything other than evidence it hurts all of us, and that is exactly what is happening.


    • ChurchSalt.com Says:

      Hi, Moriah! Thanks for stopping by, and thank you for being polite in addressing a topic of which we disagree. As you can see from my post, that is something that is a rarity (at least in my experience). However, I would like to challenge a few of your statements.
      First off, let’s discuss those professing a faith. Not everything that calls itself Islam is actually Islam. So how do we tell the difference between the real Islam and the non-legit? Look in the Quran to see what the true teachings of Islam are, of course! It is the same with Christianity. The Bible states clearly we are not to judge the non-believer (although we are to call fellow Christians walking in sin to repentance, and we are to call out and expel the false convert spreading false teachings). I was an unbeliever and walked in rebellion for years. How can I now judge you? If you are experiencing judgement and animosity from those professing Christ, either they are not legitimate Christians, or they are walking in sin with their condemnation. That is what the Bible says. Period.

      Please know, however, that the real Christian will share with you what sin and grace is. I will tell you that you stand condemned before God. It is simply the truth. I will not condemn you myself, but out of obedience to God and concern for you, I and others will share with you the reality of things (that you are headed for a brick wall at 100mph). This is not in any way “forcing” you or anyone else to believe anything. It is simply stating a reality that we can see and you cannot. Why some people call this condemnation or force is probably because they have not taken the time to actually listen, or because they are being approached by people who are Christian in name only. There are many, many people professing Christ but are preaching a completely un-biblical message. These types of folks tarnish the name of Christ and decieve themselves.

      As far as scientific discovery goes, I am quite puzzled by your statement, “Evolution has given us so many vaccines and scientific discoveries” simply because I have not heard of one. Can you point me to some vaccines discovered through evolution? I would be interested in reading about such vaccines. I have done a fairly good amount of reading on both evolution and creation science, and to be honest, evolution seems to have contributed nothing (fascism, maybe). In addition, it seems to me evolution requires more faith than creation. Example The bottom line on evolution is this: “everything came from nothing, life came from non-life, and intelligence came from non-intelligence”. Wow. That is a real step of faith for me (I have read all the theories, but they all dance around these basic problems of origins).

      I am not going to get into the whole destroying the planet thing, but please have a little bit of flexibility for those who do not subscribe to your point of view. You have to admit, when a whole bunch of the scientists who put together the global warming reports come out and admit they lied, it puts serious doubt on the whole argument. I think some flexibility on both sides would probably be best in such a situation. But I digress, this site is not about science, politics or even apologetics, it is about Christ. So because of that I would be remiss if I did not share with you one more thing and that is the fact that you are guilty of sin just like me. I do not condemn you, nor am I angry or demanding anything. I am just telling you the facts. You are guilty of sin (lying, lust, disbelief, etc.) and the punisment is death (here and eternal). Scripture tells us that no matter how much good we do, that doesn’t remove the guilt for our crimes, It is too late and have already been condemned. A just God cannot simply forgive, the punishment must be given. Justice demands this, and God is just. So what now? Salvation comes through Christ’s payment of our sins on the Cross, and not through earning it. Good works do not, cannot, earn salvation. Repent of your sins and believe in Christ’s work on the Cross for your sins. This is the Biblical Gospel. I am not sure from your comment if you are writing as an atheist, or a homosexual, or both or something else entirely. It doesn’t matter. You are guilty of sins. Me too. Many, many sins, just like everybody else. Repent and believe while you still have air in your lungs to do so! I know I have probably given you what you consider to be empty words. It is a sad thing that the very message you need to hear (the Biblical Gospel) is also the message that will haunt you on judgment day, for now you have no excuse. You have heard the call to repent and believe, and it is the very words in this call that will testify against you.

      Thank you again for stopping by and keeping things civil. I do truly appreciate it, and you are always welcome back!


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