ChurchSalt challenges you…for CASH!!

Here’s the deal, and it has money attached… We would like to offer you $10 for every person you witness to!  That’s right $10 to share the Biblical law & gospel with another person!  The rules are simple, you have to share the Law (point out (using the Bible) how they have broken the laws of God and stand guilty before Him.  You must point out that time does not pay for crimes and that just judges can’t wink at a crime and pronounce it forgiven…that isn’t justice).  After sharing the Law you must then share the Gospel (show (using a Bible) how Christ has paid the punishment for crimes committed and that they must repent and believe in Christ as the Son of God and only sacrifice needed for their salvation.  Or in other words, tell them they need to cease and desist from their willful rebellion and accept Christ as the supreme Lord of all aspects in their life).  You will not be responsible for whether or not they come to Christ, that is the Holy Spirit’s job.  You will simply share the Biblical Gospel and earn $10 each time you do it!!  For those of you who are too shy, we will pay you $1 for every Gospel tract you hand out (to a live person, not a counter top or park bench).  Hard to believe, huh?  The great commission now pays, and pays well!!

Obviously, the thing to do is to make a checklist of everybody you can witness to in your personal life, as well as think of some busy public areas where targets are plentiful.  There will be some basic guidelines to keep everybody honest, and those will be detailed in a few moments below. Personally, I would suggest going to malls, sporting events, and even large Christian gatherings (true Christians never get tired of hearing about their savior, and those who aren’t truly saved need to hear both Law & Gospel).  Family and friends can be shared with during “downtimes” when you are too tired to be out in the public venue.  I am guessing a good solid presentation of both Law & Gospel can be done nicely in around 7-8 minutes, so this means in a week or two, you will be able to bring in a very healthy amount of money.  This will be a limited time offer, as we aren’t made of money!!  But we will keep it going as long as we can to do our part in getting the Gospel spread to as many people as we can!!

To view the details and sign up, here’s the deal:   (Those of you not interested in signing up should read the details, too!)

1)  First you must ask yourself a question…why am I willing to go speak of Christ for money, when I am not willing to do it “just” because Jesus commanded me to do it?  How excited did you get when adding up the potential cash in your mind?  Have you ever been half that excited to do something that would please the one who died for you?

2)  You must now ask yourself why you love money enough to “embarrass” yourself by spreading the Gospel to friends and family, but you don’t love them enough to share the Biblical Gospel with them, and thereby offer them eternal life.

3)  Finally, you must examine yourself thoroughly.  This offer isn’t real, it is simply a tool put forth to bring about self-examination.  At this blog, it is consistently the evangelism articles and links that get very little attention, sometimes no clicks at all.  What does this say about those professing Christ, and how they are responding to Christ’s command to evangelize?  1 John tells us that the redeemed will be characterized by obedience, but when it comes to the great commission, the vast majority of professing Christians have never shared the Gospel even once!  Are you obeying?  Why not?  Do you not believe what you say you believe?  Or do you just not care about your friends and family, thereby doing your part to bring not salvation, but damnation.  Think about it!!

Rarely do I say this, but, if you agree with this the link to some Christian friends!!!

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3 Comments on “ChurchSalt challenges you…for CASH!!”

  1. revivalandreformation Says:

    I almost got mad…but then of course I know you better and called off the posse. It’s so true though, people are ashamed of Jesus and they prove it by not putting their necks out on the line and getting out of their comfort zone. Well Jesus will be ashamed of them one day, and on THAT day, there will be NO mercy.


  2. Robert Lloyd Russell Says:

    What a neat idea and great challenge!
    Incidentally my blog this week is about the difference between The Law and Grace!
    May God continue to bless your ministry.
    In Him,
    Robert Lloyd Russell
    Abundant Life Now


    • Says:

      I checked out your post. I liked it! It’s a nice simple breakdown of the key differences. I am always amazed how people misunderstand the preaching of Law or often completely deny its’ necessity. Only through the Law can grace be understood! Thanks for stopping in!


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