rambling theology on Sin & The Cross

This post is my logic, my own thoughts and theology (such as it is) on the incredible thing that Jesus Christ did for us on the Cross.  When I say “us” I am referring to those who are saved, the redeemed of the Lord.  When Christ provided atonement for our crimes against God (our sins) he gave us a legal right-standing before God.  In turn we gave Him something as well…the guilt of our iniquity.  He made this trade possible by suffering the wrath of God against sin (our sin) while on that Cross.  He suffered physically, emotionally and spiritually.  While being a truly beautiful thing He did, it must have been horrific to see in person.  Indeed, I do not know if I could have watched it had I been there.

So we, the redeemed, now stand justified before God.  Legally, in the highest of all courts, our accounts are now found to be in balance, and we actually have credited to our account the righteousness of God in the flesh, the righteousness of Jesus Christ.  But let me get to the point of my wandering thoughts.  It is made clear in the New Testament that once a person is saved, they still struggle with (and sometimes fall into) sin.  Peter was rebuked by Paul for sin.  Paul admitted he was not yet perfect.  John makes it clear in his choice of tense (in 1st John) that sin is still a problem, although not a habit or lifestyle.  So who pays for the sin we commit after we come to Christ?  It should be obvious that Christ does, because He is the only one who can.  And since we as believers have been given the promise of eternal life, and the promise is sealed with His Holy Spirit, there is only one option that logic and Biblical texts will allow us to believe, and it is a humbling thought indeed.  Every sin you and I commit now is heaped upon His head then.  It is added to the burden of the Cross.  As horrible as the thought of His suffering is, I make it worse every day with the sins that I continue to accrue to what is now His account (since He has traded with me). 

Perhaps my theology is flawed, maybe sin is not quantitive.  In James we are taught that he who is guilty of one sin is guilty of all, so I am quite possibly off track on my thinking that sin is accumulative.  But let me just tell you my end-of-the-day thought.  I hate sin.  I despise the reality that what my sinful nature wants to do is in complete rebellion to God.  That every sin I commit is spitting in the face of a God who humbled Himself to be killed by the very creatures He created, and then uses that death to save some of us….to save me.  I am humbled and horrified to realize that I violently offend the one who chose me not because of anything I ever did (for no good can be found in me) and then go out and offend Him again.  Whether or not sin can be added up into greater and greater depths I know not (comments and thoughts would be great on this post, reader).  What I do know is that sin is horrible, and the grief and offense it brings to the one I love is heartbreaking.  What a patient and loving saviour we have, who chose to love us while knowing all this!!!

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One Comment on “rambling theology on Sin & The Cross”

  1. revivalandreformation Says:

    Sure puts a beautiful and new meaning to the words “unmerited favor”, doesn’t it?


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