Do You Love your Brother?

The Holy Spirit, through the Apostle John, wrote:

We know that we have passed out of death into life, because we love the brothers.   1 John 3:14

This is a challenging verse for many people.  John, makes it quite clear, one way to know we have truly passed from death to life is to examine our love for Christian brothers and sisters.  Do you enjoy spending time with the soundly saved folks at your church, or does the guy who is always passing out tracts make you too uncomfortable?  Do you enjoy inviting other Christian out to lunch, or does the whole “pray in public thing” make you uncomfortable when they want to thank their Lord for the food?  Do you hesitate to go to church functions in public places because you don’t want  to be seen with the religious nuts?  These aren’t just your personal preferences, they are signs that something is horribly wrong, and you are not in right-standing before God.  But, you probably already know that deep down inside.

According to John, if spending time with Christian Brothers and Sisters isn’t something you enjoy, you are in serious trouble!  When you have had your sins and the horrible guilt they bring washed away by one who loved you (not because you earned it, but because He chose to love you) you will find great pleasure in hanging out with others who want to discuss their Lord!  What could be better than to spend an afternoon discussing the love of Christ?  What could be more interesting than digging into the very Words of God (the creator of the universe) with friends?  How precious is it to have an elderly woman who has spent a life in prayer give you not only a home cooked meal (with dessert of course) but also an hour of her time to pray with you!  What better use of money can there be than to help a Brother in Christ who is struggling financially?

It is our love of each other that will show to the world who we are.  And it is our love of each other that is yet another area in which we can examine ourselves to see if we are in the faith.  If you have no love at all for the Brothers and Sisters, don’t go try to fix it!  Do not force yourself to “do better”!!  Love and obedience to God is a fruit, a result, of being saved.  You cannot glue fruit to an oak tree and expect anything good to come of it!  Instead, seek God on your knees!  Repent of your sins and beg the forgiveness of Jesus Christ, the one who paid the price for your horrible deeds on the Cross.  Believe in Him, and His sufficient and completed work on the Cross to pay for your guilt, and call out to Him to save you. 

On the flip side of fruit examination, please know this:  Do not expect a perfect repentance and sinless life once you God converts you.  You will still fall into disobedience from time to time.  You will still have a bad attitude from time to time.  But the general trend of your life will begin showing more and more true fruit.  When you do fall into sin, you will hate it.  You will no longer be able to live comfortably in open disobedience because He will have given you a heart that wants to obey Him.  Examine yourself today!

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2 Comments on “Do You Love your Brother?”

  1. revivalandreformation Says:

    It is very important that we as self-professing Christians, are truthful with our brothers and sisters in everything. We will be called judgmental and harsh…maybe even condemning, but if we see our brother or sister in Christ doing something that doesn’t line up with Scripture, we have to confront them. Do it with love and gentleness, leave the headlocks for later! But say something if you claim to love them, and don’t let them fall into sin’s traps just because you don’t want to make them uncomfortable or you don’t want to be called judgmental. The enemy has made terrifc in roads with this subject of judging and condemning. Everything’s judgmental now and if you talk negative to someone in anyway, you definitely are condemning. If you speak love to your brother or sister in Christ, you are fulfilling one of the two commandments Christ gave you and in fulfilling that commandment, you are fulfilling the first which is to love your God with everything you have and are… This is the true meaning of love. Love doesn’t deal with comfort or ease, it hits hard, and it tastes horrible sometimes but it always makes one better for accepting it.


  2. revivalandreformation Says:

    Good article my friend. In my life, there is very little that I enjoy more than to spend time hashing out spiritual things with a REAL believer. You can tell if someone is faking it is when they glaze over and then change the subject. When someone is truly saved, they have an insatiable appetite for Jesus, His Holy Word and they love to talk about how He is changing them and they love to hear how He is changing others. It’s fun, challenging and you go away better for it. There’s a guy in Texas who I battle back and forth with. He’s right on the money and he loves to talk about Jesus. He’s a good guy and knows the truth… 🙂


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