Spotlight On… One Million Tracts

I am going to begin periodically highlighting ministries and organizations that are worthy of support and true to the Word.  There are a lot of different ministries out there, and not all are legitimate.  While I do not have private detectives or intelligence agencies to do research for me, I can turn the spotlight on those whom I have dealt with for long enough to trust.  This first “Spotlight” post is about a website.  An online store, really, more than a ministry.  But it is a store you should be using.  Why?  Because Jesus commanded you to go into all the world and preach the Gospel.  Even if you have been rebellious for years, and have 1000 reasons why this command doesn’t apply to you, He still said it and, yes, He really did mean you.  Tracts are a great way to get a conversation started so you can share the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They are also great to give as free bookmarks for the Joel Osteen reader in your life.  One Million tracts has a wide variety of tracts to choose from, and they strive to make sure that law and Gospel are presented in each.  If you are tired of the same old, weak, “Jesus has a wonderful plan for you…just ask Him into your heart” nonsense presented in all too many tracts, then you need to visit this site today.

Click HERE> < Click HERE

Also, if you are on a limited budget but would greatly like to have some tracts to pass out, email me at and I will send you some for free.  Please…only request them if you plan on passing them out.  Click HERE to see the tract available for free.

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One Comment on “Spotlight On… One Million Tracts”

  1. revivalandreformation Says:

    Free bookmarks! Ha! I love it…I’ve used them as well, and love them. It certainly gets the ball rolling and leaves the door wide open for me to continue the conversation.


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