What kind of Radio?!??

For the first time in quite some while, I turned on the radio today and tuned in to one of the local Christian radio stations.  It has been a long time since I did this, and it seems I had forgotten what to expect.  It wasn’t long before I remembered why I don’t tune in very often.  The first song was by Amy Grant.  Musically speaking, it was nice.  Not great, but nice.  The lyrics, however, left me scratching my head.  Her song told me that sometimes God loved to hear from the drunk in the alley more than from His own children.  Really, Amy?  Could I have some Scripture to back that up?  While I know of the rejoicing that happens when one sinner repents, I didn’t notice the song talking about repentance at all.  Just someone being drunk.  Sin makes God angry, Amy.  And my Bible tells me He loves His children.

And the next song?  I am unsure of the artist, but it told me that God makes everything glorious, and he the artist belongs to God.  How exciting!!  An entire song about how glorious he the artist is!  My bible tells me I am not yet glorified, and the only reason I will be is because of what Christ did on that blood soaked Cross.  Myself, I would rather hear a song about Him and His love, not how glorious I am.  Nothing good or glorious resides in me aside from what His hand has worked.

The next thing my radio told me is that we should all stop and pray for Buddy, the parrot, who was a sick pet of one of the listeners.  While I have a pet and know of the deep affection that is acquired, I must still take pause.  Christian Brothers and Sisters are being beaten and imprisoned in China for owning a Bible.  In the Middle East, women are raped and men are beheaded if they convert to Christianity.  In India, it gets worse everyday for those who love and follow Jesus Christ.  And what about the USA?  As a nation we are following after success and comfort, offering our children (abortion) to Baal so that we might pursue our careers and life of personal convenience.  We have, as a nation, embraced every kind of wickedness that God forbids and abhors.  But please forgive me, I am getting sidetracked…..let’s stop what we are doing and pray for buddy the parrot. 

It seems there is nothing Christian about “Christian” radio.  What I heard of it was prideful, unscriptural, culturally attractive nonsense.  Anyone want a free radio?

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2 Comments on “What kind of Radio?!??”

  1. revivalandreformation Says:

    Last Christmas, our local radio station (actually out of Lynden, Washington) was playing everything from Nat King Cole to Brenda Lee to some country western group who sings drunk most of the time…the common denominator? They were singing Christmas songs! Songs such as Rockin Around the Christmas Tree, Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire and Blue Christmas were joyfully being played for all to hear. I forced myself to listen for about a half hour and heard 2 songs, about ten commercials and a pre-recorded man’s voice saying, “Family friendly for the holidays…”. Nothing mentioned about Jesus unless He’s comin’ for turkey dinner. No mention of His humble beginnings and glorious sacrifice…just plain fluff. The church of Jesus Christ (and I don’t mean the Mormons) is one sick body and will only get worse as Christ’s return inches closer and the deception that is falling like putrid rain over the earth gets deeper. BTW feed your radio to those snakes down there…I hear they can get pretty big!


  2. Joe D'Angelo Says:

    This is very well said…Blessed!

    Since reading Church Salt I have been Praising God for your Ministry. Please keep telling everyone the Truth as you have been. Not very many so-called Christians are doing that anymore and we now have a generation of carnal christians that I pray the Holy Spirit will reveal the cost of True Salvation and lead them to repentance and to the true understanding of what it is to be “saved by the Blood of the Lamb.”
    God Bless your work for Him.


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