Through Fat and Thin…

To those of you professing Christianity, I must ask the same question I ask of myself.  Do you profess Christ now because the sacrifice is relatively low?  Contending for the faith, preaching the Word, and holding fast to sound doctrine may cost you some friendships, you may miss out on that promotion, or maybe even lose your job.  But overall, things aren’t bad.  There are other jobs, new friends and supportive family of both blood and Christ.  Maybe your profession of Christ costs you nothing, or even brings you great gain.  But what if the costs gets higher? 

What if the Southern part of the U.S. is no longer the Bible Belt, but becomes the Tolerance Belt, with thousands of churches tolerating everything except those who preach salvation through Christ alone?  What if all of your friends stay in your local church when it too becomes a Tolerance Church?  Will you leave your church and friends when they adopt this view?

What if the recent reports by the U.S. military and Homeland Security defining Christians as a dangerous element that must be monitored and controlled become more than just persecution on paper?  What if the government begins monitoring who goes into churches every Sunday morning and start tracking all your purchases to see if you are promoting Christian Imperialism through tithing or the purchase Christian literature?  Will you still go to Church to be fed, to help feed others and to fellowship?

What if everyone you know begins to hate you for your violent tendencies, even though you have never been in a fight, do not own a gun, and simply try to share the gospel with those you meet?  What if you, being peaceful, are labeled as a radical extremist when even the Islamic terrorist no longer carries such a name?  Will you still share the good news of repentance and the forgiveness of sins?  What if it is your children reporting you as a radical?  Will you continue sharing the Gospel with them?

Many people think such questions are simply the rantings of a paranoid conspiracy nut.  Maybe, maybe not.  But whether these things happen or they do not, it in no way changes the fact that you should ask yourself these questions.  If you are turned back because of such things, do you truly understand who Christ is and what He has done?  Can you truly claim allegiance to the Lord when these things would turn you to denying Him?  The fact is, most of the things listed above have a very good chance of becoming reality in the next 10 years.  Maybe they will be, maybe not.  Regardless….will you follow Him when He is making you thin, or only when He is making you fat?  Is the Spirit of Christ truly living in you?  Examine yourself….

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2 Comments on “Through Fat and Thin…”

  1. revivalandreformation Says:

    Thank you for this post. We all need to be reminded of our consistent need to be examined under the microscope of the Holy Word of God. Persecution breeds revival. Persecution is just God’s way of separating the goats from the sheep (I think someone just told me that…), and the true Christians from the fakes. Persecution is good, because through stress and pressure muscles grow. Spiritual muscles are no exception. I said to my church about 7 years ago, even before I was even truly saved, that the church, the true church of Jesus Christ was about to enter a long period of persecution and the mainstream church will be going into bondage because they have taken the seal of a false Christ and many don’t even know it.



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