No Legal-Beagles, Please!

Salvation comes in the work of Jesus Christ alone.  Period.  Faith is the “vehicle” in which this salvation comes, and repentance of sins is a part of this salvation.  To say you got saved without repentance is like saying you went swimming without getting wet.  It is a ridiculous notion.  However, it is not repentance that saves.  It is not obedience that saves, nor is it obedience that keeps you saved.  Obedience is one sign of a soundly saved man, but please, please understand that salvation comes only by the grace of God.  He chooses His own according to His good purposes, not according to how much He knew they would obey.  So please, please understand this:  This website focuses on repentance and submissive obedience to Christ and His Word, but by no means will these things earn us merit with God.  They are simply an outward evidence that can be examined to determine our true standing before the Lord.  Please understand the huge difference between legalistic strivings and the faithful obedience of a servant.  Salvation is by the work of Christ alone.



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One Comment on “No Legal-Beagles, Please!”

  1. revivalandreformation Says:

    Good job, ChurchSalt, in telling it like it is. Unfortunately, there will be those who will comment on this post or others here and say, “I find you are being too general in your thinking, or you are being too narrow minded. You need to stop being so…etc.”
    If and when this happens throw a party, take pictures and celebrate, because they said the exact same things about Christ and those who faithfully followed after.


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