WOW! Piper out-thinks Scripture…

April 1, 2010

American Church, Apostasy

Rick Warren has proven time and time again that he is interested in growing the Church into a large corporation-type organization rather than follow the structure outlined in Scripture.  He has repeatedly stated that he “does Church” for unbelievers, despite the crystal clear teaching that the Church is actually the body of Christ, that being those who are redeemed by Christ.  Because of that, it is evident that it is impossible (not to mention a contradiction of terms) to “do Church” for unbelievers. It is also rebellion.  Throw in self-help preaching as a replacement for the proclamation of the Gospel, and you have a recipe for pure apostasy.  So what is John Piper doing in inviting Rick Warren to preach at the upcoming Desiring God conference?  According to Piper, he wants Warren to “lay his cards on the table” and find out where he stands theologically.  While this may sound like a worthwhile venture, it is in rebellion to Scripture.  Where in the Word are we instructed to offer a pulpit to heretics so they can explain?  When did our Lord tell us to put our sheep under the influence of a false teacher so that we can learn “what makes him tick”?  Dangerous stuff.  After watching Piper vigorously defend Mark Driscoll’s profanity laced sermons and erotic imagery, I had my doubts.  Now he is sharing a pulpit (not a meeting room or office) with a known heretic, and I must make the decision to abstain from all future teachings and books issued by Piper.  I must also recommend to all reading this that you do the same.  Please pray for Piper (as well as Driscoll and Warren).  Pray his eyes are opened and he repents from open rebellion to Scripture.  Below is the video of Piper explaining his decision.  He actually sounds very logical and civil, until you realize it is in direct rebellion to what we are commanded to do.  It is a sad, sad day.

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4 Comments on “WOW! Piper out-thinks Scripture…”

  1. MRWBBIII Says:



  2. MRWBBIII Says:



  3. Acidri Says:

    We are in for interesting times…if Drive by Theologians like Rick Warren can get to share a pulpit with John Piper, it wont be far off to see Joel Osteen, Benny Hinn and Creflo Dollar with Paul Washer or John Macarthur at the next Shepherds Conference or Praise-a-thon on TBN…oh I forgot…the next Desiring God conference.


  4. revivalandreformation Says:

    Do we listen to a heretic? Do we invite a madman to explain his theology? The Bible clearly tells us that he who brings a gospel other than that has been preached from the beginning is to be ostracized, shunned and kicked out! Not invited and welcomed…this is indeed a sad day for the remnant.


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